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Editor’s note: Associated Students of CSU senatorial candidates

were invited to submit a letter about their candidacy for next

week’s elections. Only the College of Liberal Arts has more

candidates running than there are seats.

Graduate School: six available seats

For far too long the student body representation has missed an

important constituency base: that of the graduate student. The

issues and concerns that face us, graduate students, are different

than those that face undergraduates.

I am serious about reestablishing Graduate Student Council so

that graduate students have a forum to voice their concerns and

opinions about what is happening on campus, and I will take this

voice back to ASCSU. I also will work toward getting more students

involved in ASCSU. If elected I will bring my experience in student

government, my hard-working attitude, a listening ear and my

dedication to the office.

Jessica Jones

College of Liberal Arts: six available seats

I am a senatorial candidate for the College of Liberal Arts. In

our system, I believe only in a few things.

I believe in the necessity and value of a liberal arts

education. We need artists, musician, politicians, journalists,

writers, speakers, economists, philosophers and lovers of art,

history, language, literature and mankind as sure as we doctors and


I believe in the unity and direction of this campus. Involved

students learning and making educated decisions about their

knowledge and their higher education promises a brighter future for

us as individuals, communities, nations and people.

I believe in the open exchange of ideas. What students say and

hear in classrooms and organizations interests them, and not

outside parties. We all, as students, want to gain the most from

our experiences here, and instituting programs, finding funding and

fighting apathy and restriction make that possible.

I make no promises. It is not my place to swear what I will do

in office. But I believe that issues important to CSU students

deserve a voice, and mine is one strong enough to be heard within

the ASCSU Senate Chambers. Vote next week, and if it suits you,

vote for me.

Courtney Przybylski, freshman technical journalism major

This is my first year at CSU, and I would like to become

involved in this great community. I transferred from the University

of Arizona and have made beautiful Fort Collins my home. I am a

sophomore speech communications major. Currently I am a member of

Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, in which I serve as the philanthropy

chairperson. As chairperson, I arranged a RamRide training for my

fraternity as well as for some sororities. I have organized

cleanups in neighborhoods around campus, and I am planning our

involvement in CSUnity.

I am running for ASCSU Senate as a way for me to get involved

and give back to the community that has already made an impact on

my life in such a short amount of time. CSU has been a big help in

starting me on a path to a successful future. I believe I have the

leadership and knowledge to continue the traditions that CSU has

established and help students achieve a greater college experience.

I will do my best to always put students first. In my time left at

CSU, I plan on working for the best of the student body.

Nicholas (Nic) Redavid

My name is Jonathan Muller and I am running for an ASCSU Senate

seat in the College of Liberal Arts. I am a current associate

senator and an English major in my junior year. I am dedicated to

giving one more year to CSU and its students, who have given so

much to me.

As a student and as well as an employee of the CSU Bookstore, I

know that the high cost of books is a concern of students. Senate

is working with the bookstore to improve buyback and the number of

used books, and I will continue that work.

In my English classes I have bought numerous different books,

only to read the same short stories. I believe similar occurrences

happen for many majors, and I want to fix that problem. Next year

CSU will suffer more cuts from the state, but tuition will only be

raised very slightly. I fear that some people will try to fix the

resulting gap in money with a raise of student fees. It is my

mission to make sure that this will not happen. I am proud to be a

CSU Ram, and I look forward to continuing our traditions as well as

creating a few new ones.

Jonathan Muller

I am a junior political science major who is working on a

criminal justice minor and a diversity in law certificate. I am

currently a senator in ASCSU for the College of Liberal Arts and I

serve on the Community Students Issues Committee as well as the

Academic Integrity Sub-Committee for NCAA re-accreditation. I am

also an active member of the Liberal Arts College Council.


I believe that it is important to have a balance in ASCSU of

fresh faces as well as people with experience to insure variety,

continuity and integrity. As the only candidate running that is

currently an ASCSU senator I feel I can supply both experience and

fresh ideas. This makes it easier to work efficiently for all

students. ASCSU Senate is about representing all students, not

pursuing a personal agenda. It is about soliciting opinions and

working to make the changes that you want! This is what I want to

continue doing … representing the liberal arts students of


I would really appreciate your support in this election and a

vote for STEPHENS!

Courtney Stephens

I am running for a senatorial seat to represent the College of

Liberal Arts in ASCSU during the 2004-2005 school year. During my

term I would be a senior political science major in the College of

Liberal Arts.

I am currently an associate senator in ASCSU and I am involved

in many different aspects of campus life, including Habitat for

Humanity, Liberal Arts College Council and the Student Empowerment

Committee. I feel that my broad knowledge of campus life and my

experience in ASCSU makes me a fine candidate to represent Liberal

Arts in the ASCSU Senate. If elected I will do everything in my

power to represent the overall collective opinion of all the

students in the College of Liberal Arts.

Jeffrey Amell

I am running for the College of Liberal Arts!

Peter on “Office Space” once said, “I would say I only do 15

minutes of actual work here” (or something to that extent).

Concerning my objectives and myself, I would do just opposite of

that and do more on the line of 15 hours of work.

I know what it takes to be involved in ASCSU, the commitments,

dedication and willingness to work for others. People should vote

for me because I care a lot about other students and their views

and opinions.

I am involved in numerous organizations on campus and work every

day to try to make our campus just a little bit better. Plus, I am

from Fargo, N.D.! (What is better than that?)

Jessica Dyrdahl

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