To the Editor:

Mar 302004

I am impressed with the candidates in this ASCSU election. I

have had the opportunity to listen, ask questions and listen some

more to candidates for senate and president. I am most pleased with

the choices we have. We clearly have some tough choices, especially

in the presidential race.

Making this hard choice is not an easy task either. Katie &

Ben have experience and professionalism to move forward a very

strong, positive vision. We certainly would be in great hands with

Katie & Ben. Dustin & Kyle are running an energetic

campaign and I believe both have the leadership potential to

represent us well. Did I mention leadership ability? Their vision

is also very strong and they are real. Dave & Mike are ready to

rock the boat. They epitomize a grassroots campaign and are poised

to attack the status quo. Not a bad idea. Burke & Schowe are

not using a group or affiliation. They are student-focused, not

group-focused, and that truly is refreshing. Genuine concern for

every student voice, as the campaign slogan suggests, is the

“Missing Piece of the Puzzle.”

So what is a student to do with all these great choices?

I believe the best thing to do is get involved and I personally

hope that you will. Apathy is the most dreadful thing I can think

of and it does not take that much effort to get informed. So,

please do so. Meet all the candidates; get informed about the

issues that face CSU and VOTE!

Chuck Fogland

Chairman, College Republicans at CSU


Junior, political science

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