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Mar 302004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Christopher J. Ortiz

Patrick Crossland

Today, students have to exciting opportunity to participate in

Cesar Chavez Day and to listen to former Secretary of State

Madeline Albright speak.

According to today’s story and a story in the Coloradoan,

organizers of Cesar Chavez Day were frustrated with the scheduling

of Albright speaking on the same day.

According to the story, the Albright organizers have rearranged

times so that interested students have the opportunity to attend

both events.

The fact is there are dozens of organizing committees and groups

on this campus that try to enrich CSU by putting together amazing

and unique events here and unless there is a central organizing

committee on this campus, conflicts are going to arise.

The editorial board just doesn’t feel that CSU Presents or

Bridges to the Future had intentions to overlap Albright speaking

on campus on the same day as Cesar Chavez Day.

It is easy to imagine Albright’s schedule to be tight and hard

to rearrange a time for her to speak after knowing the fact of the

scheduling conflict.

We feel Albright organizers have done the best to compromise

with Chavez organizers to make sure students can attend both.

Plan for Albright to speak on Cesar Chavez Day was, in our

opinion, an oversight of another event planned, not an offence.

Students should be lucky that they have so many opportunities to

attend two very unique and memorable events.

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