Mar 292004
Authors: Joanna Larez

Rams Cycling held its spring fundraiser, the Oval Criterium,

this weekend with more than 100 participants in various


As a club sport, the team gets money from student fees, member

dues and fundraisers. The team’s largest fundraisers are the two

annual races it hosts, the Oval Criterium, during road-biking

season, and the Beaver Meadows race in the fall during

mountain-biking season.

USA Cycling named the club team Collegiate Cycling Team of the

Year in 2003. This title was earned by a combination of team

standings in competitions and community involvement, said coach

Steve Owens.

The team ranked fifth overall in the nation and Hana Fiserova

was the Women’s Omnium National Champion in the Mountain Bike

Nationals in 2003.

Fiserova, a senior social studies education history major,

joined the team in the fall semester of 2003. Her first season

racing ended with a championship.

“I just lucked out I guess,” Fiserova said.

She has just turned professional and said that she would not

have been able to do so without the team. Fiserova knew about the

team but did not know how serious it was. She thought about joining

the team but kept putting it off. She decided to join her last year

at CSU.

“I didn’t know what I was missing,” Fiserova said.

The team is involved in community projects such as Friends of

Rams Cycling and Rams Wheels, and is offering two $500 scholarships

for the fall 2004 semester.

Scholarships for cycling are rare. CSU is the first major

university in the United States that offers a scholarship for

cycling team members, according to the team resume. Nathanael

Ksiazkiewicz, the team president, expects the scholarship to help

more students find out about CSU and the cycling program.

The team is working on Rams Wheels, a community project to be

launched later this year, Ksiazkiewicz said. It is a project

modeled by a program in Europe that encourages bicycling as an

alternative mode of transportation.

Bicycles that have been donated to the project will be available

at bike racks throughout campus. They will be green and gold, free

to use and left unlocked.

“(Rams Wheels) will be implemented soon, and will expand

throughout the city as well,” Owens said.

Anyone can join the team at any time.

“We have beginners, people who have never raced, up to

professional racers,” Owens said.

The season will end at the national competitions in May in

Madison, Wis.

“This year we have a goal to make podium as a team, and it’s

realistic to make it this year,” Owens said.

Making podium means placing within the top five, Owens said.

Weekly meetings are open to everyone. They are held on Monday at

8 p.m., usually in room 212 in the Lory Student Center. The team’s

Web site, provides information about races,

meetings, and general information about the team.

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