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Mar 242004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Check, check one, check one, two. Is this thing on?

Holla if you can here me FC, and welcome back! Hopefully

everybody got a chance to enjoy the blockbuster week that was

Spring Break, which from now on will be referred to as “The Love

Below.” School is back but never fear, this weekend holds the

potential for some young, homegrown, reestablished, hometown heroes

and one sweet supergroup.

Down in Denver there stands The Molly Brown House Museum.

According to its Web site, Margaret Tobin Brown lived at that

residence for many years and it has since become a historical

hotspot as an enduring symbol of the Victorian era and the city of

Denver (hotspot being relative to interpretation).

Margaret Tobin Brown is most famous for not only surviving the

infamous wreck of the Titanic but also helping row the lifeboat to

safety. On top of that, she then helped raise money for the other

survivors. After this incident she came to be known as the

“Unsinkable” Molly Brown.

By now many of you have to be wondering what in the world is

going on with this music column. I mean, what does this story

really have to do with local talent?

Fort Collins High School has produced a band with many of the

same characteristics as this famous woman including inner drive

and, well, hopefully longevity. And if they have any of the good

fortune that befell the late Ms. Brown then they should be afloat

for quite some time.

This band, also known as Unsinkable Molly Brown, deserves some

attention and will get a chance to showcase their skills Friday

night at the theater at the Northside Aztlan Community Center

located at 122 Willow St., right by Old Fort Collins Heritage


Saturday night, one of the best local talents to see live, On

Second Thought, perform at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver. This band

has just recently begun performing again and is working on a new

album. If you missed them last time at the Aggie, this is another

opportunity to see a great show and support local musicians.

When the Napster issue was huge and musicians were rallying

against free downloads, there were a few bands who really looked

bad. Metallica was at the forefront of that group, as the

international superstars spoke out against the injustice that was

being done. The multimillionaires cried out against the pirating of

music and complained that a horrible disservice was being done. The

hard rockers looked like little babies with Lars Ulrich sucking his


However, they still are one of the sweetest hard-rock bands in

history. Growing up listening to “Enter Sandman” and seeing a semi

truck crush the kid’s bed in the video right before he got out of

the way was awesome. Despite the Napster fluff the guys still know

how to rock … even Lars. Watch them work their magic at the Pepsi

Center Wednesday with openers Godsmack.

Holla back now.

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