Random Ram: Alisha Dart

Mar 242004
Authors: Eric Klamper

After the first 20 miles of their 15-hour road trip, the group

already had acquired a careless driving ticket for driving 105

miles per hour down Interstate 25. Alisha Dart, a junior

occupational therapy major, and her friends in crime headed toward

Arizona to partake in the frenzied hedonism that is Lake


“The first night we were there, we partied on the beach with

tons of other people from different schools,” Dart said. “My friend

Mike partied a bit too hard and ended up falling into a bonfire

while he was stumbling around. He had to roll around in the sand to

put himself out and then he just kinda passed out.”

The next morning, while recovering from the night’s atrocities,

the group learned that a place called Copper Canyon was the place

to be at, but required the transportation of a boat to get there. A

small 10-man pontoon was rented and 13 people boarded it to take

off to a place they would remember very little about.

“As we were parking the boat up against this group of other

boats, my friend Mark fell overboard, with bottle in hand and

resurfaced right in between the two boats that were about to

collide,” Dart said. “Someone pulled him back just in the nick of

time before he was crushed between two boats and a Budweiser.”

The boats were all roped together to create a huge floating

party. Everyone was hopping from boat to boat, drinking and meeting

people. Each day everybody just showed up and had a good time, Dart


The third day of their break was St. Patrick’s Day, which we all

know can be hectic no matter where it’s celebrated. Spending that

day at Lake Havasu would put even the largest Irish man on his


“We were back at Copper Canyon for St. Patty’s,” Dart said. “It

didn’t take long before we were back at it. At some point I let

myself get talked into wearing a whipped cream bikini. Needless to

say, my parents wouldn’t have approved of my wardrobe that day. To

make it worse, I was somehow elected to be the drunken captain and

drive the boat back to the dock.”

The boat successfully made it back but the owners were far from

pleased upon inspection of the vessel’s interior.

“We lost a rope, broke a speaker, broke the front door, dented

the siding, scratched the outside paint and there was cigarette

burns in the carpet,” Dart said. “None of us remembered doing any

of this. It was like we accidentally brought back the wrong


The owners refused to return the $1,000 down payment. They ended

up paying $1,700 to rent a crappy pontoon boat for two days.

This little setback took almost all of their money, but in all

of the group’s infinite wisdom they decided to blow whatever money

they had left on tattoos the moment they made it back to Fort


“The whole trip was totally crazy but it honestly would not have

been the same without all the drama,” Dart said. “It was definitely

a memorable Spring Break.”

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