To the Editor:

Mar 232004

After reading Brent Ables’ column on “The Passion,” I’m

wondering if I even saw the same movie. The article suggested that

the film “falls in danger of altering Jesus’ message of love into

hate,” but as I watched the depiction of the final hours of

Christ’s life the only hate I felt was at the evil in the world

that caused the need for such a sacrifice.

While the brutality and violence were graphic, I believe they

only served to show the intense love of Christ who did not fight

back at those who persecuted him, but instead forgave them as they

nailed him to the cross. The strongest theme of love is that Jesus

did this of his own free will. I don’t understand how this can be a

message of hate.

I cannot speak for Mel Gibson, but from what I understand I

don’t think his goal was to make a gory film, there are enough of

those as it is. Also, to write off this film as one that “beats the

viewer into submission,” is unreasonable, for the “Passion” simply

shows a real story that should make all who see it ask who Jesus

was and find out if this is how it really happened.

While I can’t say I “enjoyed” the film as entertainment, I

congratulate Mel Gibson because getting a real issue on people’s

mind is the only way to find the answers.

Emily Gardner

Sophomore, technical journalism

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To The Editor,

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Mar 232004

In Brent Ables’ column on Tuesday he denounced “The Passion of

the Christ” as “not worth the fuss” and claims it is an attempt to

“win the viewer over by means of repetitious brutality and

unrelenting gore.” Well, I would submit to you that for those of us

who believe in Christ, this movie brought to life words we so often

gloss over.

It was very historical if you use the Bible as a reference and

for people who understand Christ’s sacrifice, “The Passion” evokes

immense feelings of gratitude and shock that Jesus would endure

such a horrible death for our sake.

As for non-Christians, agnostics or atheists, maybe the film

will stir questions about who this man was. Regardless of your

religious affiliation, “The Passion of the Christ” is a remarkable

movie that depicts the “brutality and unrelenting gore” of that

time in history accurately and tells a story of the life of an

amazing man. Mel Gibson, in my eyes, is a hero for speaking out

about his faith even against such intense controversy.

Yael Yund

Freshman, open option

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