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Authors: Erin Frustaci

A handful of CSU faculty members take sabbaticals each year in

order to increase professional growth.

Currently, there are 45 CSU professors on sabbatical leave. This

works out to be 4.7 percent of the eligible faculty.

Those on sabbatical leave receive either half of their base

salary or their full salary, depending on how long they will be on

leave. Sabbaticals may be taken for either one or two


Sue Ellen Charlton, a professor in the political science

department, recently traveled to Japan on sabbatical and was there

from late August to mid-December 2002.

“I wanted to know more about Japanese young people (college age)

and find out what they think about their country, world affairs and

so on,” Charlton said in an e-mail interview. “I also planned on

doing some research for a book I was working on.”

Charlton taught at Kansai Gaidi University and conducted


Charlton said it was a very positive experience and that she

loved the classes she taught.

“I was very busy, but still had more freedom and more time than

when I am teaching at CSU,” Charlton said.

Teri Torres, an administration assistant in the provost/academic

vice president’s office, said faculty members can apply for

sabbaticals as long as the work they will conduct while away will

coincide positively with their department.

One path that faculty members may take is to apply for the

Fulbright Program. Normally, CSU has two or three Fulbright

recipients a year. This program pays for transportation, living

expenses and in some cases, a stipend.

Charlton has been a Fulbright recipient in the past, but she was

not one for this trip.

The Fulbright Program is a two-way program, and CSU has had 175

thousand scholars come to its campus.

“Fulbright recipients who come here, as well as those who go

abroad, enrich our students internationally,” said Martha Denney,

director of international education for the Office of International


When applying for the Fulbright Program, an applicant is working

a year in advance. For example, someone who applies by August this

year will be applying for the year after next.

The Fulbright Program is also available to students and recent


“It’s an outstanding program and I would like to see more CSU

faculty apply,” Denney said.

Once a faculty member has completed a sabbatical leave, they are

required to submit a report, which becomes a public record.

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