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Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

J.J. Babb

Willow Welter

Christopher J. Ortiz

Paying to park on campus may cost a bit more next year.

According to today’s front-page story, the Parking Services

Committee has two proposals on the board that would increase the

price of parking permits.

The first proposal would raise the permits $20 for everyone. The

second would raise permits prices $10 for faculty, staff and

off-campus students and $50 for on-campus students, according to

the story.

The editorial board supports the committee’s proposals. No one

wants to pay more for parking, but parking on campus is a privilege

not a right.

Michael Rose, director of Parking Services, said the extra

revenue would be used to enforce parking rules longer after hours,

especially residence hall parking lots during basketball games.

Just like everyone else, we pay for parking permits but those

permits lose value if parking rules are not enforced on campus. The

more parking rules are enforced, the more valuable permits


Compared to universities across the board, CSU parking permits

are cheap. The amount to park at the University of Boulder ranges

from $195.50 to park in an unpaved lot for one semester to $314.50

for one semester in a residence hall lot.

Hopefully raising parking permits will make people less reliant

on automobiles to get to campus. As the campus moves toward a

pedestrian campus, we all need to find alternative ways to get to

class in the morning.

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