Mar 232004
Authors: James Baetke

Fire crews responded to a wildfire late Tuesday afternoon to

squelch flames that resulted from a lightning strike hitting trees

in Lory State Park near Horsetooth Reservoir.

The lightning strike hit when a storm moved through Larimer

County around 5 p.m., producing light rain and wind gusts up to 30

mph. A plume of smoke could be recognized afar from the fire that

had spread to less than an acre, at press time.

Eloise Campenella, spokesperson for the Larimar County Sheriff’s

Office, said the blaze was small and was being put out by various

services, including the Poudre Valley Fire Authority and the United

States Fire Service.

“The fire is not controlled yet and the wind could be a factor,”

Campenella said.

Campenella said dry lightning, or lightning without

precipitation, is definitely to blame. Despite the wind and

lightning in the fire’s area, Campenella said ground crews were

acting promptly and reacted fast to call upon other fire officials

to extinguish the fire.

“I am optimistic this is going to be a small fire,” Campenella

said, but said she could not confirm when the fire would be

contained, if at all, at press time.

Dispatchers said they responded to over 100 calls from residents

near the blaze to report smoke and flames in the area.

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