A bit of an extreme

Mar 212004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

J.J. Babb

Willow Welter

Christopher J. Ortiz

Two weeks ago, the Collegian reported that the Joint Budget

Committee staff recommended a tuition increase for CSU of 40

percent. Last week, the JBC voted in favor of a 1.1-percent


This may seem confusing to some students. The reason for the

change is because the state has taken its tobacco-settlement money

in one lump sum, thus maintaining the state’s higher education

general-fund monies as before, according to a Friday Denver Post


Many may be surprised at the disparity between the original

proposed 40-percent increase and the 1.1-percent increase passed

last week. This difference demonstrates the uneven footing higher

education institutions are standing on in the state. Anything could

happen, and the legislature is stretching to find solutions.

But using the tobacco-settlement money to fix the state’s budget

problem this year is like putting pots and pans under a leaky roof,

instead of solving the problem at its source by patching the roof’s


Of course, no one wants to see unnecessary tuition increases.

But if the level of the education that students receive at CSU is

tarnished, increases may be necessary.

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