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Mar 102004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Upcoming local concerts should provide tremendous respite for

those who decide to stay in the area. While not a trip to Cancun –

those who like to see their favorite stars in concert are in for a

treat as three very popular artists are coming through town.

Tonight at the Starlight, Long Beach Short Bus is performing.

While some are unfamiliar with the new name, the band contains

former members of the Long Beach Dub All Stars who were composed of

the members from cultural super-group Sublime. Many in this

generation were weaned on “40 oz. to freedom” and lovin’ sure as

hell is what most of us still want. Bradley Nowell, the former lead

singer who died from a heroin overdose, was considered by many to

be not only a musical genius, but a cultural icon. Just looking up

“tribute to Bradley Nowell” on Google brings up 570 responses.

Filter out the porn and Janet Jackson breast-related material and

you’re left with a solid, couple dozen fan shrines. Since the

members broke off to do different projects after Nowell’s death,

several bands have been created. The Long Beach Dub All Stars were

great and I’m sure the Long Beach Short Bus will be big before you

know it.

Tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday night all offer up the same

main course, String Cheese Incident, with a different side dish for

each night. Thursday night they play with Mofro, Friday with David

Lindley and Wally Ingram, and Saturday night with Vassar Clements.

String cheese is delicious and should be eaten by peeling, or

“stringing,” the cheese off, not biting it. String Cheese Incident

should be listened to any time. Their efforts to sell their own

tickets are admirable and should be supported. This is group number

two in our trio of cultural icons visiting the area.

Next Wednesday, I would recommend you stand up and get out my

way. Roll to this concert on dubs and blow it up in any area code.

Well actually only in the 303, which although not mentioned in

Ludacris’s song, will be where he is appearing Wednesday night. Our

third cultural icon in one week, Luda has been one of the most

blingin’ rappers around in the last several years. He’s traveling

with recent multi-platinum selling artist, Chingy. They are surely

disturbing the peace wherever they go. Make sure you’re ‘right

thurr’ for the show. And by thurr I mean there. And by there I mean

the Fillmore … for the show. Moving on.

Spring Break is the best show coming to the FC all next week.

Blowing up the spot is the “Anything but School” tour which will

feature super-stars Monday through Friday. Every single one of

these days completely rocks as a solo artist. Seriously, Wednesday

without economics is like Prince without The Revolution.


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