To the Editor:

Mar 102004

I am a conservative student at CSU and the recent letters in The

Collegian concern me. The issue of people throwing around words

like fascism always makes me pretty nervous.

The real issue here is that the people who are against the

“Campus Insanity” project are missing the point. The point is not,

in my view, that there are liberal postings on campus. The issue is

that these are spray-painted all over campus! Anyone who thinks

she/he has a constitutional right to vandalize needs to check the

facts. Your right to free speech extends only until you start

breaking other laws. That’s not fascism, that’s the rule of law

over anarchy.

Jared Reece

Senior, English

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To the Editor:

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Mar 102004

By the responses to the Campus Insanity Project published in

this paper I feel many people may have false impression of what it

is. Most importantly the College Republicans are not trying to

silence any opposing voices on campus. There is understandable

confusion on this issue, as it was not presented clearly. One

aspect of the project is to address the graffiti found around

campus. This includes spray-painted images and inappropriately

placed chalking (such as on the side of buildings). The spray

painting is clearly vandalism and should be removed, and the

misplaced chalking just looks trashy. I would hope all students

would support this.

Our project then evolved out of member concerns and debate over

Bill 1315 to address bias on the campus. This is a hot topic

currently in Colorado and perfectly appropriate for us to address.

The issue of biased professors is important, and we are merely

trying to present evidence supporting claims that some (certainly

not all), are. We are not trying to have images on professor doors,

or their opinions, changed. We are only presenting them as they

are. This has been combined with the showing of the prevalence of

groups against Republican positions on campus with the purpose of

gaining campus and community support for our efforts.

In summary, we want the graffiti and inappropriately placed

chalking removed. We are merely presenting the images of fliers,

posters, appropriate chalking and professor doors to give evidence

of bias on campus and make the argument for an increased need for

our group’s presence. I hope this clears up some misconceptions. If

students have any questions join in on our discussion boards at or meet us in person at our meeting Thursday

with guest County Commissioner Tom Bender at 7 p.m. See our website

for room location.

Jacob Seybert

Webmaster for

Senior, psychology

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To the Editor:

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Mar 102004

In regard to “Victims of the camera,” I have one thing to say to

all the scantily clad females running around campus on these nice

spring days: Get off your ego trip. Not every guy is looking at

you, and three-fourths of us males see these outfits some of you

women wear and the first thing that goes through our heads is “why

is she wearing that that ridiculous wardrobe, and those stupid


So what if some kid took a picture of you? You were clothed and

everyone on campus has already seen the cleavage you are trying to

show off. What difference does it make that 50 extra guys and girls

saw the picture on the Internet? To the best of my knowledge taking

pictures is not illegal unless profit is made. Get over yourselves.

Stop holding your bodies as some sacred entity. If you don’t want

that kind of attention, the solution is real simple; wear a normal

backpack and dress appropriately. CSU is not a strip club, so don’t

dress like a stripper. Guys are not slobbering over you like you

think they are. Stay home if you do not wish to be seen.

Daniel Wayne Golin

Junior, natural resources

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