Mar 102004
Authors: Eric Klamper

Many students will be enjoying Spring Break, going crazy and

reveling in the chaotic unions of two-or possibly several-bodies,

while the local band Plan B. will be doing the same here in

Colorado, only in a different context.

Dust off the moshing shoes and therapists be prepared … Plan

B. and their “anger-influenced” rock will be touring through the

state during all of break.

Fort Collins is blessed with an extraordinary amount of talented

musicians. Plan B. is one of the many bands trying to separate

themselves from the mass of musical groups, taking steps to

diversify both their music and their fans.

“This Spring Break mini-tour will be good for getting more

people interested in our band,” said Dave Curtis, a senior English

major, and vocalist for Plan B. “We depend heavily on word-of-mouth

to get people interested. I know that I wouldn’t go to see a show

just because of a flier I saw. You have to hear good things about

the band from other people. That’s what we’re trying to do with

this tour.”

Plan B. performed a free acoustic show last Friday at Everyday

Joe’s, a local coffee shop, but won’t be performing in Fort Collins

again until early April, due to the band’s busy tour schedule.

The tour will last through Spring Break and stops in numerous

Colorado towns, including another free acoustic set in Loveland on

March 18.

“Playing acoustic shows is great because it’s a new sound for

us,” said Mickey Dollar, a senior music major, and lead guitarist

of the band. “We try to be eclectic with our sound but our regular

shows are pretty heavy. It gets crazy because we’re all running

around and bumping into each other. There’s a lot of energy in our

audience and our music.”

Plan B. describes its sound as “emotionally-immersive hardcore”

and has been compared to bands such as Korn and 311.

Free samples of their music are available on their Web site,, along with pictures, show times and bios.

But there’s also the possibility of learning about the band by

bumping into them on campus as Plan B. has three members enrolled

here at CSU.

“We love it here,” Dollar said. “This is where we have our

biggest fan base and our live shows in Fort Collins are where it’s

at. There’s more intensity when we play up here as opposed to shows

in other towns because this is our home and the crowd knows our


After playing together for around two years, the group has

become very familiar with the local music scene.

“There are so many good bands up here,” Dollar said. “It helps

to keep us motivated. Plus, we’re friends with most of the other

bands that we’ve played with and everyone supports each other.”

As for making a name for themselves, Plan B.’s plan is


“We’ve got to just keep playing and promoting,” Curtis said.

“Perseverance is one of the main demands of this industry. We know

what we’re capable of and we’ve set our watch by those goals. Every

show is us giving it our all. I leave every night out of



Show dates/locations:

Date: March 14 – Sunday

Venue: No Excuses

City: Arvada, CO.

Date: March 17 – Wednesday

Venue: One Leg Johnny’s Bar & Grill

City: Federal Heights, CO.

Date: March 18 – Thursday

Venue: Java Lounge

City: Loveland, CO.

Date: March 21 – Sunday

Venue: Iliff Park Saloon

City: Aurora, CO.

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