To the editor:

Mar 092004

Mr. Ables seems to have been bit by the Anybody-But-Bush bug

(Nader vs. Kerry: The liberal’s dilemma). This attitude is fueled

among other things by disgust for Mr. Bush’s war, the PATRIOT Act,

No Child Left Behind and the Bush tax cuts.

So I too say Anybody-But-Bush. Like one of those guys who voted

for the war, the PATRIOT Act, No Child Left Behind and the tax

cuts. Kerry voted for all of these. Ables is so excited about this

record that he even thinks Ralph Nader should join Kerry’s

campaign. Sorry Mr. Ables, I just can’t get quite as excited as you

about Kerry.

Brian Depew

Graduate Student

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To the Editor:

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Mar 092004

Once again, the aim of the College Republicans is being

misconstrued. Friday’s cartoon is a prime example. The Republicans

are being portrayed as belittling only the vandals who paint

slogans we are opposed to and ignoring the “mere” obscenities. This

is simply not the case. We are opposed to all vandalism because we

feel it is unnecessary, as well as illegal, and it gives a negative

impression of our campus to visitors and the community. The plain

fact is, however, that the vast majority of the graffiti blighting

our walls and walkways is of a political nature, usually containing

anti-Republican or anti-government messages. The primary purpose of

the Campus Insanity Project is to draw attention to this graffiti

so it will be removed. It never has been and never will be about

silencing views that we may disagree with.

I am baffled that by posting images of this vandalism on our Web

site (

“”>, we are

accused of censorship or trying to limit free speech. Pointing out

what is clearly visible does not restrict anyone’s First Amendment

rights and it is ludicrous to suggest it does; not to mention that

such rights are not extended to vandalism, a fact that has been

established in several Supreme Court cases.

We welcome rational disagreement and calm discussion. We do have

an open invitation to come to our meetings, generally on Thursday

nights at 7 p.m. in the student center. Anyone who wishes to see

what we are about is welcome to come. However, illegal graffiti and

heated insults are not ways to engage in civilized debate.

Sara Farb,

Vice-chair, CSU College Republicans

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To the Editor:

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Mar 092004

I have been an avid reader of the Collegian for almost two years

now. Overall, it is one of the finest newspapers I’ve had the

pleasure of reading. However, there is one area in which the

Collegian lacks. And that is the comics page. Specifically, there

are two comics which you run daily that suck: “Baldo” and “Heart of

the City.”

I have never laughed after reading “Baldo” and I don’t think I

ever will. It’s just not funny. I believe the lowest point this

year was when the hilarious aunt that can’t seem to deal with

society was trying to buy coffee. She could barely cope with the

high prices. How hilarious! It was so funny, it made me want to cry

(and by cry I mean beat myself with a stick).

“Baldo” is bad, but it doesn’t compare to “Heart of the City.”

This is the comic that recently ran an entire week of strips with

plots gleaned from “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Not only is the

comic devoid of humor, but also the author can’t even come up with

his own ideas.

I can understand if you print these comics because you have to

pay royalties and the better comics cost more, but I sincerely

believe that only my grandmother would find these comics funny and

should be erased forever from our campus newspaper. So, if it’s a

possibility, could you please treat us to some better comic



Cam DeCoster

Sophomore, engineering

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