Mar 092004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

CSU is looking for someone to show them the way.

The Vice President for Development and University Relations

position, filled by interim vice president Kathleen Henry since

October 2003, is critical to CSU’s leadership actions and

ambitions, said Lance Perryman, dean of the College of Veterinary

Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and head of the search


“This is a key leadership position for the university,” Perryman

said. “Our goal in this search process is to find the right person

for the job and move as quickly as possible, in that order.”

The person placed in this position is responsible for

fundraising, alumni relations, communications, marketing and public


“It’s a very important job,” said Tom Milligan, spokesperson for

CSU and member of the search committee. “If you look at what’s

going on in higher education, it’s critically important that

Colorado State continues to build and serve private support.”

Each of the three candidates for this position visited CSU to

hold interviews and open forums.

Following the interviews, Perryman said CSU President Larry

Penley should have a tough decision to make when selecting the

person for the position.

“I’m very pleased with all three candidates,” Perryman said.

“All three candidates have done well.”

Mark Lindemood is currently the vice chancellor for

institutional advancement and chief operating officer of the Texas

Tech Foundation for the Texas Tech University System in Lubbock,


Lindemood highlighted his passion for building alumni


“At the end of the day you would hope Colorado State alumni

throughout the world would be able to advocate the academic

richness of Colorado State,” he said.

In his tentative plans for CSU, he stressed his plans to

emphasize alumni both in fundraising and developmental


“There is a tremendous interest in the alumni program,”

Lindemood said. “Texas Tech has had a very stable alumni program

for the last 25 years.”

Lindemood has worked in a variety of fields, ranging from a

Methodist Minister at a church in South Dakota to the executive

director of university development at Ball State University in

Muncie, Ind.

He said CSU’s mounting budget concerns wouldn’t be an easy

mountain to climb, but he is ready to face them.

“The challenge for Colorado State is there’s not much money

available to do developmental work,” Lindemood said. “When

resources get tight you simply can’t be all things to all


Donald Fry currently serves as director of advancement at Purdue

University in West Lafayette, Ind.

Fry said he has grand plans for CSU’s fundraising campaigns.

“It really takes a short amount of time to energize the

community and hopefully bring in a lot of money to the university,”

Fry said.

Fry referred back to his fundraising achievements at Purdue

University. He said it is important to have the right people


“You have to have individuals with the right skills that

complement the team,” Fry said.

Fry has filled many positions at Purdue, beginning with

associate professor of military science and ending up as the

director of advancement.

He said CSU’s budget problems are nothing he has not encountered


“I like what I see,” Fry said. “Every public institution is

having a problem. You’re not the only school that has problems with


He looks forward to having an opportunity to reverse the current

budget situation.

“I’ve learned that there would be a few challenges here at

Colorado State,” Fry said. “It’s something that I thrive on.”

Stephanie Grinage currently fills the position of senior

development officer and director of development for the Arizona

State University Foundation and Office of Development at ASU in

Tempe, Ariz.

Grinage said she wanted to get a good feel for CSU’s

organizational structure before she made any recommendations.

“I would hate to just come in here and change everything,”

Grinage said. “That’s not the way I do things.”

Grinage has worked in development at ASU and many other places,

including the University of Illinois and Wichita State


She wants to make sure all members of the CSU community are

actively involved in the fundraising and development process.

“Faculty members are an integral part of the process,” Grinage

said. “Connections between you and your students will be the

lifelong connections.”

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