Budget storm predicted

Mar 092004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Our View


Christopher J. Ortiz

Colleen Buhrer

Shandra Jordan

We have all seen it coming. It was almost inevitable. Higher

education has been left out to dry when it comes to funding the

past two years. First budget cuts of $29 million two years ago and

then last year cuts totaled about $34 million. This year the Joint

Budget Committee is giving the recommended increase in tuition for

the next academic year of 40 percent – putting tuition at more than

$4,000 for in-state students.

CSU and higher education were placed on the chopping block. We

honestly feel neither the JBC nor the state legislature wants to

deprive colleges of state money. Their hands are tied by the

requirements of the state constitution and the Taxpayer’s Bill of

Rights, and they’re limited by the depleted state budget.

Higher education is the largest line item in the state’s budget

that is not protected by state statute or the state constitution,

so it becomes a sitting duck when budget cuts are forced.

By proposing a tuition increase of 40 percent in one year, the

state is denying higher education to many of its citizens. It is

doing a disservice to the voters and to the taxpayers.

TABOR must either be repealed or amended to release higher

education from its umbrella and allow the state to save money for a

rainy day.

We saw the storm two years ago, and we have been able to survive

thus far, but who knows if we can handle the clouds up ahead.

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