Mar 082004

In Friday’s articles, “ASCSU uses given power” and “Student Fee

Review Board allocates $16 million,” some of the information about

what the Associated Students of CSU does was incorrect. The three

main factions of ASCSU are the legislative branch (senate),

executive branch and judicial branch.

The Student Fee Review Board is only formally related to ASCSU

through the vice president’s role as chair. The ASCSU vice

president holds an application process open to all students to fill

positions on the board.

SFRB allocates $418.20 per student per semester, totaling

approximately $10 million. Almost $90,000 of this allocated money

is controlled by the executive budget. Of this money, leaders of

several subgroups sign off on funding for things for which they are

responsible. For example, the executive director of the Association

for Student Activity Programming signs off on funding for ASAP.

The senate is composed of representatives from 10 colleges.

Friday’s graphic, “Where have all the Rams gone?” incorrectly

stated the president and vice president for 2000-2001. The

president was Dan Kunz. The vice president was Neil Dougherty.

In Friday’s article “ASCSU: Voice of campus since 1917,” it

incorrectly stated that a resolution requiring bike helmets on

campus passed. This resolution failed.

Also in,” Student Fee Review Board allocated $16 million,” it

incorrectly stated that $1 million of student fees is currently

allocated to ASCSU each year.

The Collegian regrets these errors.

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