To the Editor:

Mar 072004

As a former Republican, I am deeply troubled by the direction

the Collage Republicans is taking the party with their campaign to

stamp out liberal speech on campus.

The Republican Party has a long history of great leadership. It

was the party that freed the slaves; it was the party that reunited

a country torn apart by racism.

Recently I see that this great party has lost its moral compass.

The Republican Party has strayed into spying on its own people with

the U.S. Patriot Act, killing its own people in war, deceiving its

own people with altered scientific documents and denying its own

people the basic right to marry.

I urge all Republicans to look within your own set of morals and

decide if the path of speech restriction is the one you want to

follow. Do you want to win elections because you are the party that

silenced the dissenters? Or do you want to win because you are the

party that represents justice, liberty and equality for all

Americans. The choice is yours alone to make. Choose well.

Darrell Taylor

Senior, CS and economics

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To the Editor:

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Mar 072004

I am writing an open letter to the CSU College Republicans in

response to the article printed about their project against

“liberal” postings on campus. Do you really think that documenting

these posters and drawings is going to swing people in your

direction? If anything, it will fuel people to put up more

postings. It seems to me that you are afraid of letting other

opinions be known because they will cause people to side with your


As a former debater, I know that not letting other opinions be

told makes your case look weak and not well thought out. Instead, I

suggest instead that you sponsor a debate between yourselves and

one of the “liberal” or radical groups on campus. You could pick a

topic, such as free trade or gay marriage and then debate in

traditional Lincoln-Douglas or parliamentary style. Then publicize

it on campus and allow both sides to be presented and people to

make up their own mind. What are you afraid of?

Emily Turner

Senior, mathematics

 Posted by at 5:00 pm