To the Editor:

Mar 042004

Three cheers for Max Karson’s “Sexism Corrupts Sports!” What a

wonderful tongue-in-cheek satire that is so refreshing to see

amidst recent issues focusing on “diversity awareness” and “gender


Not only is his work hilarious and brilliant, it also, hook,

line, and sinker, got the exact response it was going for the very

next day in the letter to the editor. Hurrah! Triumph! Let’s hope

that “his column will appear sporadically” means “his column will

appear extremely frequently.”


Matt Martin

Sophomore, English

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To the Editor:

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Mar 042004

Sometimes I get the feeling that White House spokesmen are

writing under pen names. The opinions given are often nearly

identical to press releases from Washington. This seems to be the

case with many who have opinions regarding politics, whether

Republican or Democrat.

According to Mr. Lee, terrorism acting out of desperation is

proof that terrorism is losing ground internationally. What? Does

this make any sense? It seems to me that terrorism has always acted

out of desperation. Terrorists don’t peacefully assemble to make a

statement– they use violence because they are desperate. This

would mean that terrorism has always been losing ground and would

have dwindled away into near nothingness by now.

Does it make any sense that a war will defeat terrorism at all?

Can a war defeat poverty or drugs? The warmongers would have you

believe a war can do about anything, except make lots of money for

your corporate buddies. Let’s not forget, Saddam was a Bathist, not

an Islamic Fundamentalist.

Mr. Lee claims “democracy” was established in Iraq. That’s a

good one!

As usual the college Republicans are just repeating what the

current administration and various pundits claim. There doesn’t

seem to be an once of critical analysis of the information they’re

spoon-fed. I suggest some of you put down the Ann Coulter books,

turn off Rush, Harrowitz, whoever, and think. Look at the

information presented and come to a conclusion on your own.

Brandon Lehman

Junior, engineering

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To the Editor:

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Mar 042004

After reading the Collegian every day, I have finally found a

redeeming article in “Living the single life” by Jesse McLain. For

whatever reason it seems the Collegian is overtly obsessed with

sex. Granted this is college, arguably perhaps the most exciting

time for us, but an entire day’s newspaper focused on sex devalues

this newspaper’s withering reputation.

I find it hard to believe this university would support or

condone a “Bikini Football team,” another example of the “bouncing

and jiggling” that so concerns this paper. Not everyone is a

sex-crazed student disregarding common sense and personal values.

While collegiate sex scandals affect the entire community,

“stripper” biographies hold no value or place in a student-run

newspaper. As a single student, I found solace in McLain’s article

knowing that I’m in fact not abnormal because I don’t engage in a

sexual relationship. It was refreshing to hear a rational voice

giving coherent reason opposing the sex doctrine institutionalized

in this paper.

CSU is first of all an institution of higher learning and the

stresses and relationship challenges inherent within college life

mandate a critical balance to maintain a healthy, rewarding

lifestyle. While sex undisputedly makes headlines, I have faith

that the Collegian can once again return to providing students with

important and newsworthy information.

Christopher Latham

Junior, finance and accounting

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To the Editor:

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Mar 042004

Kudos to Shannon Baldwin to a well-written, well-researched and

well-organized piece this Tuesday. Anonymity is an important issue

that many do not respect. Most states do not require people to

carry any form of identification, unless operating a motor vehicle

or engaging in any other licensing behavior (hunting, fishing,


The two-party system has created a very hostile environment to

talk about politics and personal rights. Coupled with the aftermath

of the Sept. 11 attacks and the reactionary “fear-mongering,”

individuals are being punished for their beliefs, i.e. leak of a

CIA agent’s identity whose husband challenged the administration’s

position on Iraq.

We are moving into a new era of Orwellian fashion, where ID

technology, fear intimidation and power-hungry elites collide to

create what many see as a fascist new world order. My rhetoric may

seem exaggerated, but the symptoms are very apparent.

Those who want social change/transformation will be targeted. In

fact, they already are. Go to any international anti-globalization

mobilization and your face, stature, and walk (gait-mapping) will

be entered into a database. Surveillance is the name of the game,

and each mobilization sees more cameras, more choppers, more storm

troopers, and more tucked away ‘thought police’ examining data, all

paid through tax dollars. That is why some cover their face. This

is a tactic, and the goal is to not be identified.

Thanks to Shannon for adding a critical dimension to the

Collegian. Her perspective helps balance out the patriotic

cheerleading, and cultural myths.

Ed Lawson

Senior, anthropology

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To the Editor:

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Mar 042004

I am an English as a second language student in my first

semester earning a degree in journalism; like Max Karson, I am

always interested in controversial topics. So with great

anticipation I read his article. Then I read it again; I couldn’t

help myself from think of Little Red Ridding Hood.

On the surface Mr. Karson seems to be championing the long

overdue full extension of women’s rights. So why doesn’t he get off

of the fence? Another wanna-be politically correct individual; a

lot of times people make such an effort not to offend you that they

end up offending you. Karson goes on to suggest an objectifying

name for a female football team, and writes he would oggling them

as they play.

Hello! Did someone say hypocrite? Remove the plank from you eyes

before removing the spec from mine. What are you trying to disguise

under your pillow Mr. Karson? Not a Pulitzer winner novel. I have a

long way to go to graduate with a journalism degree. I certainly

wouldn’t want to choose flippancy or cuteness as my style of

journalism. Use “Terseness! Intelligent, not stupid, condensation,”

Joseph Pulitzer’s famous command to any objective journalist. There

are enough tabloid magazine writers out there. I must be in the

minority, since the title of Karson’s article is bold enough to

grab your attention. It is too bad it was more sizzle than


Max Haghighi

ESL and journalism

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To the Editor:

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Mar 042004

In response to the article entitled “Fighting liberal graffiti,”

I would like to say that I support the College Republicans 100

percent in their quest to expose “campus insanity”. But, I must

ask, why should we limit ourselves only to censoring

anti-republican messages?

Walking past the student center today, I was outraged to see,

chalked on the sidewalk in bold, bright colors “KSU Chili Dinner,

$5 per person”. Now what about all the people at CSU who dislike

chili? This “graffiti” is obviously anti-chili-disliker and I am

shocked and appalled that the pro-chili movement is being forced

upon all of us – the susceptible and defenseless student body of

CSU. And how about the other chalked graffiti, inviting people to

the CSU Hockey team’s bachelor auction? This is obviously

indicating favor of bachelors over those who are in relationships.

And who exactly does the CSU Hockey team think they are, auctioning

bachelors only and not those connubial folks? I, myself, was

extremely offended at the implied favor of singles…after all,

isn’t everyone worth the same amount of money?

I think my point has been made.

Sarcasm aside, I believe the College Republicans should stop

their complaining. Not only does it prove to those of us with

different political views that the puerile and immature college

republicans truly are the “crybabies of campus”, but it also

indicates a move to suppress freedom of speech. Remember that one?

1st Amendment (see United States Constitution, 1787)? This is,

after all, a democracy.

So before you’re so quick to scream bloody murder and call for

the suppression of free expression, Campus Elephants, please

remember that actions and articles such as “Fighting liberal

graffiti” will not get you sympathy from anyone. The freedom of

being able to communicate views, regardless of the means, is

democracy; attempting to squelch that is called fascism.

Scott Salamoff

Graduate student, geosciences

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