Mar 042004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


J.J. Babb

Christopher J. Ortiz

Patrick Crossland

Willow Welter

A window of opportunity opened up Thursday for Gov. Bill Owens

with Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell’s announcement of deciding not to

run for an easy re-election.

Owens has made no secret that he has hopes of running for

president. He is considered a favorite in some Republican,

conservative circles and having a senate term under his belt will

only improve his chances for 2008.

It seems to all be falling into place, barring one little tiny

fact – he still has two years left during his current governor


We wouldn’t put it past Owens to have based his entire

re-election platform on improving Colorado and its economy then

turn around, run – and presumably win – a Senate seat, leaving the

state to have to have a special election to replace him, costing

the state hundreds, perhaps millions of dollars.

If he does decide to pursue a Senate seat, then the Oval Office,

it will be only clear that he used his position as governor as a

proxy to grander political ambitions using Colorado and its voters

as pawns.

Thanks, but no thanks. As much as we have disagreed with Owen’s

policies and plans of action, we feel he owes it to us to suck it

up and finish his term here before he moves on to bigger and better


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