Mar 042004
Authors: Jamie Way

Two to three times every year, Mayor Martinez tells Fort Collins

good-bye and travels to Washington, D.C.

Martinez is part of a diverse group of individuals from various

professions and locations from around the United States who go to

Washington, D.C., to be part of Donald Rumsfeld’s Defense Advisory


Among this group is the governor of North Carolina, the chairman

of the Chamber of Commerce and the former CEO of Home Depot.

Howard Snow, manager of Government Relations and coordinator of

the Defense Advisory Board-Employer Support of the Guard and

Reserve, was impressed with the group and excited to see what ideas

the group would develop.

Snow said while the group was informally discussing health care,

they developed many interesting questions and ideas.

“They were coming up with things I’ve never heard anyone say

before,” Snow said. “I can’t wait until they sink their teeth into

some of these issues.”

The board’s primary purpose is to monitor the economic effects

of mobilizing the National Guard, reserves and coast guard, as well

as considering their job stability and opportunities after their


“The board was primarily set up… to take the pulse of and

motivate employers to support the guard and reserve,” Snow said.

“Our job is to motivate you.”

The group was called together to provide multiple perspectives,

with the main emphasis being on the business perspective.

“We need the same human capital as businesses, municipalities,

states, fire departments,” Snow said.

Snow said Martinez was chosen to represent city-level government

for many reasons, including his knowledge and experience.

“He’s a pretty unique individual,” Snow said.

Martinez, who just announced his candidacy for state Senate,

attended the first informal meeting held on Feb. 24.

“It’s probably about two or three times a year we’ll meet,”

Martinez said.

The board is established for two years, according to the Charter

of the Defense Advisory Board for Employer Support of the Guard and

Reserve, which can be found on The charter

said while the travel expenses may be reimbursed, “members of this

advisory board will serve as consultants without compensation.”

Martinez is not concerned about the amount of time he will need

to devote to the board interfering with his work in Fort


“Certainly it takes more time, but it’s not a burden,” Martinez

said. “It’s certainly not going to interfere with my job here at


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