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Mar 042004
Authors: Ben Bleckley

Each year, in addition to tuition and living expenses, students

pay $418.20 in student fees.

This student fee money, totaling over $16 million, is allocated

by the Student Fee Review Board, an entity chaired by the

Associated Students of CSU vice president and those members who

apply to sit on the board through ASCSU, according to

“They accept proposals from (entities) that are receiving fees,

for increases, decreases or whatever,” said Linda Kuk, CSU vice

president for student affairs.

The Student Review Board has a set of guidelines that it uses in

determining whether it will recommend a change to Kuk, who then

recommends the changes to the president of the Board of Governors

who makes a final decision, Kuk said.

Almost $1 million is currently allocated to ASCSU.

Thomas Glenn, ASCSU director of finance, said approximately

$550,000 of the money allocated to ASCSU is paid to the City of

Fort Collins for student bus passes, $166,000 is given to the

Association for Student Activity Programming and another $140,000

is distributed by the ASCSU Funding Board, which helps fund student


What remains, $65,854, composes ASCSU’s executive budget, not

including payroll.

Almost $39,000 constitutes payroll for the executive branch. The

president gets paid $7,500 a year, followed by the vice president

at $6,500, the director of finance at $4,200 and all other

directors receiving $2,300.

ASCSU’s Webmaster is also paid a salary of $1,000.

“With those paid positions go a much higher number of hours, a

bigger commitment,” said Jesse Lauchner, ASCSU president.

Senators, justices and assistant directors are not paid.

Almost $5,000 funds the retreats ASCSU members participate in

throughout the year.

“It’s kind of a time when everyone’s there, so we break down

into departments, that’s really their only time to work,” Lauchner

said. “Schedules vary and that’s their time to work together.”

The largest amount of money allocated for one particular use in

the ASCSU executive budget is marketing, which constitutes $20,000.

This money is used to buy advertisement and inform students of

events, Lauchner said.

There is $2,000 allocated in ASCSU’s budget for travel expenses.

Lauchner, Katie Clausen, ASCSU vice president, and Ben Goldstein,

ASCSU director of student services, used $885.71 of that last

summer to visit Texas A&M University. The visited was made to

learn about Texas’s designated driving program, which inspired

RamRide at CSU.

“We had to come back and be able to present the clearest picture

of the program possible,” Lauchner said. “There was no way it would

happen if we stayed around campus. Ben (Goldstein) started out last

summer (making phone calls) and it just wasn’t sufficient.”

Even though ASCSU assigns members to the board that makes

allocation recommendations to the Board of the Governors, Kuk says

she is confident they make the right decisions.

“I can assure you that in the three years that I have gone

through this process with the students I have never not accepted

their recommendation,” Kuk said. “Their reasoning is very thorough

and very rational.”

She said there is no evidence of a conflict of interest.

“In the last three years, (ASCSU) has not requested a single

extra cent,” Kuk said. “They have been very conscientious of

maintaining the integrity of the process.”

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