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Authors: Gabriel Dance

Britney Spears sucks, and yes, so does Madonna. Metallica are

haters and Dre gets no credit either. Snoop Dogg has sold himself

out worse than Missy Elliot and her Gap jeans. 50 Cent is the worst

live talent to hit the circuit in the several years, and G-Unit is

just cruisin’ on his coattails.

I hope I’ve offended most of the people who I want to read this

article at least to the point they will read it purely out of


It is absolutely amazing that we still insist on listening to

the crap that corporate radio stations like those owned by Clear

Channel continue to shove down our throats. Phife Dawg and G. Love,

both artists for whom I have tremendous respect, have openly panned

corporate radio. But even here at CSU I don’t really think many

people care about what they’re listening to. So many are stuck in

the hype, so into MTV, that they have lost a realistic grasp on


I am openly a fan of 50 Cent’s work. I think G-Unit has a few

good songs. I chronically listened to Dre and Snoop growing up.

Madonna and Metallica have both proven themselves to be artistic

innovators. But the thing is that’s where most of you get off the

boat. What the radio doesn’t play, you don’t hear.

I have the answer to the question that rings in your head. The

one that asks you whether or not you’re being force-fed your music

by the man. Yes. You are. And my magic elixir? KCSU.

KCSU is our own student-run radio station right here in the Lory

Student Center. It’s a non-profit organization and it’s rad. You

will never hear KCSU say “stay tuned for our seven-song-super-set.”

They play the whole set, even the whole super-set, but without any

commercials. However, they don’t play the thirty songs that you

hear on any other station.

In addition to playing all kinds of music that you can’t hear

anywhere else, including local acts such as Listen, Sweet Nectar

and Mission 19, we also happen to have an outstanding group of DJs

and broadcasters. Recently KCSU was honored by the Broadcasters

Education Association with several awards. Students receiving

honors included sportscasters, newscasters, DJs and several others

who produced excellent pieces. Just last year KCSU’s Mike Santos

received the BEA Award for “Best of Festival.”

So not only do we have a radio station that plays underground

and lesser-known artists (a good thing remember), but we have some

competent peers running the joint. This sounds exactly like the

kind of thing we should want to support. I personally am a big fan

of Monday night’s “Beer and Pizza” program. It’s funny, they cover

subjects that are relevant to me and I feel like I’m helping

support somebody trying to get a start, just like the rest of


It might be that some of you are just too plugged in. For those

people I recommend listening to a radio station where there are no

live DJs, just a computer being run by somebody in another state.

But for those of you who still believe in supporting local

commodities, including artists and media, give a listen. If you

don’t have much time in your car, point your browser to and check it on the Internet; the quality of the

programming as well as the streaming music connection is quite


Remember that the man can only get you down if you let him.

Fight the power.

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