Mystiq grand opening

Mar 032004
Authors: Eric Klamper

After the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, which included a

few congratulatory words from Mayor Ray Martinez, the doors to the

brand new restaurant and bar, Mystiq, were opened to the eager


The grand opening took place last Friday night and offered a

sneak peak into what promises to be one of the more chic

restaurants in Fort Collins. Mystiq is located at 23 Old Town

Square and shares its owners and space with Suite 152.

Once inside, one can’t help but notice the drastic metamorphosis

in ambiance from the popular dance club, to upscale, classy

restaurant featuring an elaborate and comforting d�cor.

Big city atmosphere combines with small town courtesy to make

Mystiq an excellent destination for someone looking to impress a

date. Candles and color-changing lights illuminate the interior

creating a private, but also inviting, setting.

Several sections of the restaurant are separated by walls and

drapery to create isolated pockets for conversation and

consumption, but much more extensive VIP treatment is available in

the lower level of the establishment. This area, which normally has

been associated with ass-shaking and powerful bass, transforms into

private booths, champagne and pampered treatment.

“We offer an exceptional VIP package including personal servers,

champagne and strawberries,” said Chuck Jonz, co-owner of Mystiq.

“We made it a point to include special seating sections … both

upstairs and downstairs.”

Along with this customer-friendly architecture, Mystiq offers a

diverse cuisine and drink selection, including an impressive

martini menu and the popular Italian Egg Roll.

“Our menu consists of a unique Asian/Italian fusion,” Jonz said.

“We think that Oriental food will fit well with the nightlife and

since the other two owners are Italian, it all just blended


The prices, although probably a reflection of quality, are not

for those who survive by buying pizzas with campus cash coupons on

a nightly basis. The average entr�e runs at around $16 and

appetizers average at $6. Drink prices remain relatively consistent

with other prices around town.

The owners of Mystiq expect to receive a large customer turnout

among patrons aged 25 to 40, due to the atmosphere and price range.

Many college-aged customers are also expected to utilize the

restaurant/bar as an impressive date spot and as a place to have a

drink before going dancing during the evenings.

For more information about Mystiq or to make reservations,

call 224-0888.

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