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Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Christopher J. Ortiz

Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Colorado Republicans are campaigning to remove campus liberal

graffiti, according to Wednesday’s story. We understand why the

group would spearhead to only remove anti-conservative, or liberal

graffiti – the group obviously has political bias. As far as we are

concerned, “Campus Insanity” should be focused on removing all

graffiti and destruction of state property.

This is our campus. There are appropriate places to state your

or your group opinion – the plaza in front of the student center is

the campus’s designated free-speech zone. Chalking is a very

appropriate way to spread your message – not tagging the walls of

the Clark Building or spray-painting derogatory or tasteless

messages on the sidewalks (last year a message declaring

masturbation over sex was marked, with something that didn’t go

away like chalk, on the plaza near the tree trunk but the criminals

who decided to stain our campus with their message misspelled the

word “masturbation”).

We don’t care what the message is – whether it be anti-Bush,

anti-establishment or anti-people who are against certain issues,

graffiti on campus needs to be removed. It only makes guests of our

campus walk away with the wrong image of CSU.

We are not about silencing voices of students. If people feel

strongly about issues, let your issues be heard by being

respectable and civil to state property.

We encourage CSUPD to actively work out a plan of action to

prevent future destruction of our walls and sidewalks.

People who do these illegal deeds have no respect for the

public’s property. Their messages are welcomed here but not their


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