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Authors: Robert Lee

You ever take candy from your little sister? I never did (wink,

wink) because I’d always blame it on my other sibling. It’s a

pretty simple tactic of hide the evidence. It was so desperately

used sometimes that my dad saw right through it; I was the guilty

culprit, and he knew it. Welcome to the ranks of distressed

children Al Qaeda. Bombing Iraqi mosques during a holy celebration

was one thing, blaming it on America was another. Taking the two

together, though, reveals that America’s war on terrorism is

working and forcing these groups to drastic measures.

It’s unfortunate that such a drastic measure was taken, but it

hardly can be blamed on the United States. Terrorist groups are in

the midst of seeing their support shrink around the world. These

groups are scared of our might and this is clearly because America

has not backed down in confronting a faceless enemy. Worse yet, Al

Qaeda and their like are scared, forcing them to the despicable

acts of evil we witnessed in Iraq.

United States intelligence recently intercepted messages between

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian militant, and Osama Bin Laden

outlining Zarqawi’s strategy to cleave the Iraqi people into a

sectarian civil war. Needless to say, the Shiites and Sunni Muslims

in Iraq came together to denounce the actions in a show of

solidarity; the Iraqi people faced enough terror under the Hussein

regime and will not in the face of an extremist coward.

What does this all show? First, it’s pretty obvious the strategy

of Al Qaeda and other terrorist cells in Iraq to drive out the

United States is not working. A Japanese admiral stated after the

attack on Pearl Harbor that he feared the Japanese awoke a sleeping

giant. As World War II eventually proved, they did; as the War on

Terror is eventual going to prove, Al Qaeda did as well. This

giant, known as America, is not only giant in its size, but also in

its spirit. Terrorism will not reign.

Second, the strategy to create unmanageable cleavage in Iraq

won’t work either. True, the top Shiites in Iraq like Grand

Ayatollah Ali al-Sustain are criticizing the United States for a

lack of security. They may well have a point, too, that the United

States has not provided enough to be completely secure. That’s

irrelevant, though, considering the substantive criticisms were

directed at the cowardice of the terrorists. Ayatollah Sistani has

not called for open rebellion against the United States, Sunni

groups or anyone else.

Finally, it proves the moral and pragmatic superiority that the

United States and common Iraqis hold over these fundamentalist

groups. The United States deposed a dictator, helped to establish

democracy in Iraq and already has proven to provide more civil and

political rights to Iraq than under the previous regime. The

majority of Iraqis are seeking ways to peaceably practice their

religious beliefs, use their civil and political rights and carve

out a niche in their communities. Terrorist groups, on the other

hand, have sought to maim, murder, harass and destroy the lives of

those not holding their fundamentalist views.

These terrorist groups act like nothing more than lost, little

children. What more, they are extremely angry little children and

deserving of a big spanking. They now have two options – quit

throwing a temper tantrum or grow up. If their behavior in Iraq

over the last few days is any evidence, then I’m assuming the

terrorists don’t plan on being big boys and girls anytime soon. So

be it, America and the Iraqi people will just have to bring out the

whoopin’ paddle. Maybe this time we’ll have some holes in it,


Robert is a guest columnist for The Collegian. He is a senator

for the College of Liberal Arts and is the vice chairman for the

Colorado Federation of College Republicans. He is a senior majoring

in political science.

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