Wild Women Have Wit

Mar 012004
Authors: Lindsay Robinson

Throughout history, many influential women have been termed

“wild” for their ideas and actions, and the Office of Women’s

Programs and Studies aims to celebrate these bold ladies in its

second annual Wild Women Have Wit Women’s History Trivia Event.

“It’s a jeopardy-style trivia event that celebrates the

contributions of contemporary women and women throughout history,”

said Jody Jessup, assistant director of the Office of Women’s

Programs and Studies and an event co-founder.

The event is open to students, faculty and staff, both female

and male, and features questions in categories like politics,

business, literature, sports and rebel women. It will take place on

March 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Lory Student Center North


“It’s fun because we ask pop culture questions as well as

history questions. You don’t have to be a women’s history buff to

participate. It’s really for everybody,” said Tonie Miyamoto, who

started the event with Jessup.

Miyamoto, manager of web communications for Housing and Dining

Services, and Jessup started the event last March as a way to honor

women’s achievements during Women’s History Month in a way that

would be fun and appeal to everyone on campus.

“We wanted to create an event that could encourage

cross-generational celebration of women’s history. Students and

faculty and staff-members alike would all come together to

celebrate women’s history,” Jessup said. “We thought it would be a

nice way to blend the knowledge base of each of those generations

of women and men.”

The founders decided to name the event “Wild Women Have Wit” to

honor not only those women in history who may have been considered

heretical for their opinions, but also the women on campus today

who are of a similar mold.

“The reason we call it that is because lots of times in history,

the women who have made a difference – the Sojourner Truths, the

Georgia O’Keefes – their ideas were somewhat modern, somewhat

different,” Miyamoto said. “And also honoring those women on our

campus today that might be the same way, making a difference for

future generations.”

Ri Romero, an administration assistant to the vice president for

Administration Services, took part in the event last year and is

returning this March.

“The whole event was just so much fun and you kind of just carry

that. It just brought our team together; it develops camaraderie,”

Romero said.

Miyamoto encourages everyone on campus to participate,

regardless of their age or gender.

“I think this is one of those events on campus where it’s really

possible, regardless of what role you play on campus, to get

together and have fun,” Miyamoto said.

Both participants and spectators will have a chance to win

prizes, Jessup said. Door prizes will be given, the winning team in

each round will be awarded prizes and the team with the most

creative name will also receive prizes.

Linda Wardlow, who works as an assistant to the vice president

of Administration Services, participated in the event last year and

is planning on signing up for this year’s competition as well.

“The prizes were fun. They had great prizes and the whole format

was very well done,” Warldow said. “The women’s programs office

should be commended for coming together and putting it on the way

they did. It went very smoothly.”


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The deadline for registration is March 10, and

people can sign up by calling the Office of Women’s Programs and

Studies at 491-6384. The actual event will take place on March 25,

from 7 to 9 p.m. in the North Ballroom of the student center.

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