Mar 012004
Authors: Max Karson

I am shocked and appalled by a trend in the world of competitive

sports. Why are the names of so many sports teams gender-specific

to males? Why are women always pushed to the sidelines?

The basketball players at the University of Massachusetts (which

is where I’m from) call themselves Minutemen. I traveled 2,000

miles to escape the sexism and racism of Amherst, Mass., only to

find that sports institutions here are just as oppressive.

Why is our football team called the Rams? Would there ever be a

team called the Ewes? No. The Minutewomen? No.

What about the Chicago Bulls? Why not the Chicago Cows?

Because it is ingrained in America’s subconscious that women are

weaker and less competent than men.

I would like to take a moment to praise Denver for having that

courage and strength to promote a vision of a sports world where

the sexes are equal. A nugget is neither male nor female, but a

nugget is still powerful. The Nuggets are heroes — they have shown

us that, with fierce dedication and some darn good playing, a team

can change the definition of a word like “nugget” from “a small,

solid lump” ( to mean a fearsome powerhouse of

undiluted athleticism that strikes awe and terror in all of our


And they didn’t need to stoop to the level of using a phallic or

otherwise masculine symbol to convey their toughness at the expense

of women.

It is so disheartening to see that society sends demeaning

messages to girls and women through every possible medium. It

disgusts me when I see this happening in the world of sports — a

world I have proudly been a part of ever since I was a boy. It

literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Another reason that this horrible practice of gender-specific

team naming is so destructive is that it discourages women from

participating in the sports themselves. Why are there no female

Rams in football? Yes, there are some of you who would express

concern about them getting their little bones broken, but all the

same, isn’t it striking that there isn’t a single female football


If there were a football team called the Bikini Babes, would we

see any male players? I don’t think so. And that may be what it

comes down to. I say, if you can’t join ’em, beat ’em.

I say the girls should start a Bikini Babes team. They could

play in tournaments against other colleges’ women’s Bikini Football


I see these girls rising to glory. And of course, these women

would be respected as much on the courts and field as they are when

they’re not playing.

Instead of going to see the highlights or the score, I would

join all those males who flock to women sporting events to see

these girls running with ferocity in their eyes, and bouncing and

jiggling in all the right places.

And I would be there to back them up. You bet I would. You’d see

me on the sidelines of every game. You’d even see me at the


Because I will never stop fighting for the equality of the

sexes. Ever. I urge you all to join me. Help in any way that you


Let’s ball our hands into fists and put an end to the slavery of

women in this sometimes barbaric – sometimes fair – but always

proud country that we call America.

Max is a freshman studying journalism. His column will appear

sporadically throughout the semester.

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