Only My Opinion Matters

Mar 012004
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Basically when you take these two sports fans and put them in a

room, it’s not going to be a pretty argument….

Baker with his West Coast bias and Bondy with his East Coast


Topic 1: CSU football schedule for the 2004 season, which

includes games at Colorado and Southern California and a home game

against Minnesota, all teams from BCS conferences.

West Coast: Mark Driscoll is the man; he knows what’s up, but

the right thing to do is ease up a bit on the schedule and give CSU

a better chance to win more games.

East Coast: Well it really doesn’t matter because all I hear is

whining about how CSU never gets recognized because they’re in a

weak division. Finally we have a shot at a good nonconference

schedule and now they want to back out.

WC: How are we ever going to get into a decent bowl game if our

nonconference play hurts our record so much that we don’t have a

shot? Not only that, but also we are losing Bradlee Van Pelt, the

heart of the team. Who knows what’s going to happen this coming


EC: Yeah it’s going to be tough with Minnesota, Miami of Ohio,

USC and those criminals in Boulder, but suck it up and play. At

least if they lose, they lose to a quality opponent. That’s better

than beating Weber State any day.

Topic 2: Ending of the CSU-CU rivalry. The teams will not face

each other in 2005.

WC: The CSU-CU football game is the most anticipated game of the

year. Students flock to these games every year more than any other.

Ending this rivalry will hurt both teams more than it would help

and CU needs to realize this.

EC: The game is really only important to CSU. They play better

teams in the Big 12 and while we see the game as one of our

toughest, they clearly don’t.

WC: So you’re saying Big 12 teams are better than us?

EC: That’s one way of explaining why we aren’t in the Big


Topic 3: Clinton Portis trade

EC: Who would trade a star running back that in his second year

as a pro rushed for 1,591 yards and 14 touchdowns? Only the

Broncos, America’s worst team, that’s who.

WC: I’d trade him. Defense wins championships and Champ Bailey

can play with the best of them.

EC: With the fourth best defense in the NFL it doesn’t look like

the Broncos need to improve the ‘D.’ Basically the Broncos don’t

look like much for next year.

Topic 4: Melo Versus Bron-Bron

WC: And the Rookie of the Year Award goes to…Carmelo Anthony.

Denver is going to the playoffs and whom do we have to thank? Yes,

the answer is Melo again.

EC: Who signed a $90 million contract before he played a single

NBA game? Lebron James. Who draws thousands of fans to normally

empty stadiums (like the Pepsi Center) every night? James. Who is

nicknamed King James? Well, it’s not Melo.

WC: Rookie of the Year goes to the better player not the better


EC: Well it should. They don’t play “real basketball” anymore


Topic 5: TCU joining the Mountain West Conference

Joint opinion: Who really cares that TCU is joining the MWC in


WC: TCU should come and we should go.

EC: Get us in the PAC-10 or the Big 12. Maybe we can take CU’s

spot (since they should be kicked out).

Closing Statement and words of the wise

WC: To quote the great Woody Paige, “The Broncos will go 16-0

next year.”

EC: Yeah, Woody Paige is a crazy moron.

Joint: We’ll try and do better the next time.

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