The Wellness Zone

Feb 292004
Authors: Christiana Nelson

Amid dim lighting, plush couches and soft music sat freshman

Ragan Sasaki on Thursday

It was Sasaki’s first time in the Wellness Zone.

Located on the upper floor of the Lory Student Center next to

the University Bookstore, the Wellness Zone is a program created

with the collaboration of the University Counseling Center, Campus

Recreation and Hartshorn Health Service.

After coming to the Wellness Zone to receive information on

eating disorders, Sasaki said she will return in the future to

learn about additional health topics.

“I liked it,” said Sasaki, an open option major. “I think it is

informative and the people are friendly.”

Carly Callaway, a senior health and exercise science intern

working at the Wellness Zone, said since the Wellness Zone’s

inauguration on Feb. 9 students have had a positive response to the


“Most people are pretty interested in the program, but some are

a little confused about what we do,” Callaway said.

However, Callaway said the premise of the Wellness Zone is


“It is a resource area for the three groups to help students

understand more about the programs in those areas,” Callaway said.

“A lot of students don’t realize what their fees go toward. I would

really like to get more people involved and to help them realize

the good things that they can take part in, but just don’t know


Tamar Cline, strength and fitness coordinator for Campus

Recreation, said that while the recreation center has many classes

that are currently full and is not necessarily advertising its

programs through the Wellness Zone, they hope the partnership will

promote fitness.

“We are able to provide some insight to students and inform them

on the value of physical activity and monitoring their health

status through fitness,” Cline said.

Charles Davidshofer, the counseling center’s director, agreed

that each group involved with the Wellness Zone has a different


“As part of the wellness cluster our part is to look at mental

health issues; things like stress management to help students learn

about it and how to manage it because we know that it is a big

issue with students,” Davidshofer said.

As a whole, the Wellness Zone promotes current health-related

themes by offering various programming for students, said Gwen

Sieving, a health educator at Hartshorn.

“We have a lot of programs. In March we will have a mini fitness

assessment, ‘sexpert’ advice and registered dieticians in for ‘ask

a dietician’ questions; a physical therapy back clinic and we’ll

have a dentist in to talk about the risks of body piercing,”

Sieving said.

Davidshofer added that the technology in the Wellness Zone can

also help students understand potential health risks.

“There are four different computer screenings for eating

disorders, alcohol and drug use, anxiety and depression,”

Davidshofer said. “With these online programs students can do a

quick screen to see if they might be at risk and then they are able

to seek the necessary assistance.”

In addition to programming, information and referrals for the

three partner groups, the Wellness Zone hosts resume critiques by

the Career Center every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“As the Career Center we are definitely interested in furthering

student’s resources,” said Dawn Spencer, a senior human development

and family studies major and career peer adviser at the Career

Center. “Students can come into the Wellness Zone and not feel

intimidated. It is a good environment.”

Sieving agreed and said students are welcome in the Wellness

Zone even if they are only looking to unwind.

“It’s a relaxing atmosphere for students to just take a break,”

Sieving said. “Instead of going outside for a smoke break they can

come in here and keep occupied for a while.”

As a student, Sasaki agreed that the Wellness Zone is a positive

atmosphere and that coordinating the efforts of the three campus

services has produced a helpful program.

“It hits everything,” Sasaki said. “You have the medical part,

the rec center with being healthy and exercising and the counseling

center helps with wellness, too, because you can go there if you

need to talk to someone or you’re just feeling down.”

Wellness Zone Information

Open Monday – Friday (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Located in LSC (Upstairs next to the University Bookstore)

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