Feb 292004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

J.J. Babb

Christopher J. Ortiz

It seems there is always something going on at CSU. Black

History Month just finished up. During the month, Black Student

Services and other student organizations put on some really amazing

events to entertain and educate CSU students.

This week is Holocaust Awareness Week. Students have slaved day

and night to bring special events and speakers to talk about this

sensitive issue. In addition to important guest speakers, such as

Tom “T.J.” Leyden, a former white supremacist activist, other

events of the week include a screening of the Oscar-winning film

“The Pianist” and the Litany of the Martyrs, where students read

off the names of those who were murdered in the Holocaust.

In addition to remembering these and other issues for one month

or one week of the year, it is important to remember them every day

of the year as well. The issues addressed during Black History

Month and Holocaust Awareness week affect people every day and it

is important to remember them at all times.

We hope students take time to attend at least one of the events

for Holocaust Awareness Week, along with the dozens of

student-produced programs, and to remember the messages these

events impart all year long.

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