Feb 292004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Speakers encouraged students, faculty and children to remember

African and African American history at all times during the

closing event of Black History Month Saturday night at the

University Village Center.

“We enhanced our knowledge of our ancestral connections,” said

Jennifer Molock, director of Black Student Services. “We touched

the lives of at least 1,500 individuals at CSU and across the Front


Black History Month ended with Africa Night, a celebration of

African culture and heritage.

“We want to bring knowledge and understanding of what Africa has

to offer the world,” said Lubna Farah, junior psychology student

and president of the African Student Association. “We’re bringing a

whole different Africa tonight.”

The night included a fashion show, authentic African dinner, a

presentation by Robert Oyugi, drumming, dancing and more.

Oyugi, editor and publisher of Ujama magazine, shared some

little-known details of African history and encouraged those

present to take pride in African history and heritage.

“I find it very crucial that, as Africans, at home and abroad,

we need to take charge of our destiny and start rewriting our

history,” Oyugi said. “Let’s stand back with our great heritage

that we have and prove to the world that we are a proud and

civilized people.”

Hanna Selassie, owner of the Cassiopeia Clothing company,

presented a colorful fashion show with clothes from Ethiopia, Mali,

Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Molock reminded the audience to keep celebrating African

American history throughout the year.

“Many laid down their lives so we can have the opportunities we

now have,” she said. “Not one person can make this celebration

happen, just like not one person can make a difference in the

community. Black History Month is every month.”

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