Feb 262004
Authors: Jamie Way

Tuesday night marked the beginning of a new chapter for the

Rocky Mountain Collegian.

Faced with the task of deciding between two strong candidates,

the Board of Student Communications chose Collegian Campus Editor

Kyle Endres to be the 2003-2004 editor in chief for the student run


“Kyle was chosen for a number of reasons,” said Greg Luft,

Campus Television adviser/coordinator and professor.

Among the reasons for Endres’s selection was his composure

during his interview, his plan of action for the paper, his

positive staff reviews and his prior experience with both The

Collegian and The Golden Transcript, a weekly newspaper in Golden,


According to Luft, the position of editor in chief is an

important role, because the Collegian has a circulation of 11,000

and a readership estimated to be three times that amount.

“I’m sure he’ll excel at this position,” said Shandra Jordan,

the current editor and chief at the Collegian. “It requires a lot

of motivation and a huge time commitment.”

Endres said he was excited for the job.

“I have loved working at The Collegian the last couple of years

and it just seemed like the next step for me to keep trying to make

the paper better.”

“I’m excited about working with a new group of editors,” he

said. “At first they may not have as much experience, but it’ll be

cool establishing new relationships.”

Endres plans to improve communication in the newsroom, which he

hopes will improve the newspaper.

“I think we’ve done a good job this year and I hope we can make

that continue,” Endres said.

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