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Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Katie Baine had dreams of studying art in Italy. Instead, she

became a mother.

Baine, 21, found out she was pregnant near the end of fall 2002

semester. She continued going to school through the spring 2003

semester, as a junior art major at CSU.

“Initially, I was pretty scared,” Baine said. “It was hard to

comprehend. It just didn’t seem real at first.”

After taking a home pregnancy test, Baine went to Hartshorn

Health Service on campus to confirm the results. Reality sank in.

As her pregnancy began to show, Baine noticed strange glances from

other students and struggled with spending long days on her feet

traipsing around campus.

“It got harder as I got bigger,” Baine said. “Partly because of

the looks people gave me, like, ‘Is she pregnant or just fat?’ or

‘Oh my God, I’m glad that’s not me.'”

At the Hartshorn Women’s Clinic, practitioners see many nervous

girls hoping to disprove the results of a home pregnancy test.

“It’s very rare that someone comes in having absolutely no idea

they’re pregnant,” said Tanja Dunn, family nurse practitioner at

Hartshorn. “It’s usually not a pleasant surprise. (However) a

certain number of pregnancies we deal with are very happy


Baine’s pregnancy, though unplanned, was one of those happy


“It definitely wasn’t planned,” she said. “But I love being a

mother. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world.”

Baine is not alone as a college student who became a parent

sooner than she planned.

Harthsorn, Planned Parenthood and Alpha Pregnancy Resource

Center all offer pregnancy tests and counseling for pregnant


Each of these outlets will inform a pregnant student of three

paths she can take. In short, a pregnant woman can choose between

abortion, putting her child up for adoption or parenting the


“We absolutely don’t try to steer someone in any particular

direction,” said Crystal Clinkenbeard, spokesperson for Planned

Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. “We try to make sure our clients

have the resources they need for the decision they make.”

Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center is an anti-abortion, Christian

organization that offers free pregnancy tests. Andrea Barber,

director of education for the center, said while the staff members

do not encourage abortion, they still let students make their own


“We’re not against people having choices,” Barber said. “We are

a Christian organization but that doesn’t mean we shove that on


For students interested in getting an abortion, Planned

Parenthood will perform abortions until about 17 weeks into a

pregnancy, said Kate Horle, vice president of public affairs.

“Women are capable of making decisions about their own

pregnancy,” Horle said. “There is no reason to encourage them to do

one thing or another.”

Hartshorn also takes a neutral stance when informing pregnant

students of their options.

“We do all-options counseling,” Dunn said. “We give resources

for pregnancy care, abortion and adoption services locally.”

Baine chose to parent her child. On Aug. 1, while her boyfriend

Levi Fox, 20, looked on, she gave birth to their daughter, Aiden


“For me it’s good and bad,” Baine said. “I definitely don’t have

as much of a social life, but I take better care of myself because

I have to take better care of her.”

Levi Fox agreed.

“It’s earlier than I expected,” he said. “But I enjoy being a

parent so much, every day it just gets better.”


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If you are pregnant (or think you might be) call

  • Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center 226-3899 (free pregnancy


  • Hartshorn Health Service Women’s Clinic 491-1754 ($16 pregnancy


  • Planned Parenthood 1-800-230-PLAN (pregnancy tests $5 on

    Wednesday at Fort Collins branch, $22 rest of the wee

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