To the Editor:

Feb 252004

In Wednesday’s issue of the Collegian an article was published

about the plans to demolish Ellis and Newsom halls. This article

included an interview with me in which I was harshly misquoted, in

more than one place. First off, I was only asked to comment about

the conditions of Ellis Hall and was not aware that I was speaking

for both Ellis and Newsom. What I am really upset about is the part

where I was quoted as saying “Our rooms have walls that are only

three inches on each side.” Now I may only have been speaking

English for 16 or 17 years, but I think that I have learned how to

form a coherent sentence in my short lifetime. I don’t feel that

this article properly portrayed my views on the issue and that my

interview was taken way out of context. It is the responsibility of

your reporters to deliver testimonials as they are said, not to

embellish on them. In my eyes your paper has lost credibility.

Steven Rash

Junior, psychology

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To the Editor:

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Feb 252004

I find it interesting that so many people were “outraged” by the

political cartoon printed in Monday’s Collegian. Although this

could be seen as an outright attack on same-sex marriages, it’s

actually the viewpoint of a specific artist on a specific subject

and this one just so happened to be more of a conservative

viewpoint. Glenn McCoy (the artist) actually writes cartoons from

both a conservative and liberal viewpoint, depending on what he

wants to take a stab at.

There are multiple political cartoons printed weekly in the

Collegian, yet few times are they commented about unless they take

a conservative viewpoint. Actually, a great majority of cartoons

printed in the Collegian are liberal, but I can’t remember the last

time I saw a Letter to the Editor written by someone who was

“disappointed and outraged” at an artist poking fun at President

Bush or “traditional” Christian values.

In short, political cartoons are there to make a certain

viewpoint entertaining and the Collegian should not take the heat

for printing something that many people found entertaining. Try and

keep this cartoon in mind next time you laugh at one that degrades

the GOP, big oil, etc.

Jeff Gabel

Junior, mechanical engineering

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To the Editor:

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Feb 252004

For anyone on the verge of hating Jews upon seeing “The Passion

of the Christ,” remember one very important thing: every aspect of

Jesus’ life, death and suffering was God’s plan. Had Jesus not

suffered (willingly, mind you) so extremely, the potency of God’s

sacrifice would be nil.

The entire point of the Jesus story is to illustrate the fact

that God came down to suffer with us. If Mel Gibson is so

white-knuckled a person that his aim is to encourage blame, let no

one go down that path with him!

Cady McClurg

Senior, liberal arts

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