Date Auction

Feb 252004
Authors: Brooke Harless

The second annual Singles Auction for Charity raised more than

$16,000 for Project Self Sufficiency and the Larimer County United

Way, both of which help needy members of the community. The auction

took place Friday night at the University Park Holiday Inn.

The event, which was put on by Northern Colorado Business Group

and Horsetooth Seratoma, auctioned off nine women and seven men. A

$20 entrance fee included food, drinks and a chance to bid on the


Prior to the auction, each participant had to plan an elaborate

date that would entice high bidding.

Jonathan Baiardo, an electrical engineer for Look Dynamics

received one of the highest bids at $950. His date package included

flying in a twin propeller plane, drinks at Elliott’s and dinner at


“The announcer called me out and I had to strut around as he

described me. Then I had planted a few guys in the audience and

when I began to sing ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’ the boys

chimed in and God, the girls loved it. I couldn’t believe I went

for that much,” Baiardo said. His date is scheduled for the end of


Karin Parker, a senior graphic design major, attended the event

in hopes of snagging a “hot date.”

“I went with about $200 that I had been saving for a trip to

Idaho but decided I should invest in one of the hot guys on stage.

I mean it was for charity and all,” Parker said. “Anyway, I

couldn’t even get one of the less attractive guys for $200, they

all went for so much … I guess I’ll be going to Idaho.”

Jim Bailey, co-chair for the event, speculated that around 375

people attended the auction, making the evening twice as successful

as their inaugural date auction last year.

“This year was a lot more successful,” he said. “The sheer

energy of the event was amazing. One woman, Shelly, went for

$2,200. It was great to see so many people come out and support

local charities so generously.”

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