Internet replaces books

Feb 242004
Authors: Jesse McLain

The written word and the printed page may soon become


With an increase of literature available online, students are

presented with options reaching beyond the bookshelves.

“Books are eventually going to die out,” said Nick LoFaro,

sophomore English education major. “I would personally rather read

a book but affordability is the issue right now.”

LoFaro, who hopes to become an English teacher, said that for

his future students, books will always be his first


“As a teacher I would always want them to use books,” LoFaro

said. “But I can’t afford my books right now so I would be a

hypocrite if I didn’t allow them to use the Internet.”

Ward Swinson, associate professor of English at CSU, feels there

is something to be gained from both the Internet and books.

“If you can download stuff it’s very convenient and inexpensive

for people,” Swinson said. “I would urge students to work with a

print version.”

Swinson said he still prefers books above all.

He said one time he was reading something by an author he was

interested in, and he downloaded the work instead of reading it


“If I couldn’t do that and had to read it online I would have

done so, but I would have enjoyed it much less and gotten less out

of it,” he said.

However, the combination of Internet access and books can be a

powerful asset to students. Sue-Ellen Jones, programming

coordinator for Adult and Teen Services for the Fort Collins Public

Library, said many students come in requesting multiple sources to

satisfy their teacher’s requirements.

“For current issues assignments I would say that an Internet

database may be more helpful. It really depends on what the person

is looking for,” Jones said. “Many students come in looking for a

certain number of different sources.”

Jones believes the book is far from dead.

“I’m not at all upset about the use of the internet,” Jones

said. “I fell in love with books at 15 and I believe many students

still want a book.”

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