To the Editor:

Feb 222004

In response to Robert Steele’s Feb. 20 letter: Last time I

checked, the Bible, not the practices of seminary schools, was the

foundation of Christian beliefs, the Torah for Judaism, the Koran

for Islam. I have seen no evidence in any holy book that accepts

homosexual marriage.

Nowhere in the Bible does it condone homosexual marriage (or

homosexuality for that matter). It does condemn it many times, for

example, in Corinthians 6:9-11, however, it also says that those

who no longer practice it and accept Jesus Christ are forgiven. God

obliterating Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) is pretty blatant if

you ask me. In Matthew 19:12, Jesus himself says that single life

is a better way for some to live. Alcoholics who don’t drink aren’t

drunkards (and are to be commended!); perhaps one should liken

homosexuality to that.

I agree with Daniel Lazzari that it is an insult to my Christian

faith to endorse gay marriages. Do homosexual couples hold celibacy

until marriage in the same esteem as straight couples? I would be

inclined to disagree. One thing that makes marriage sacred is the

idea that people remain celibate until they consummate their

marriage. While not all people choose to adhere to this

God-ordained tenet, it seems to me the only thing that would change

for homosexual pairs were they to be married would be legal


If you want rights, amend the language of civil unions; I would

be the last to oppose the democratic ideal, but don’t defile what

is ordained by God, whether that be Jesus, Yahweh or Allah.

Marriage is a sacrament that is respected by the government, not an

amendable government sanction.

Tim Bessler

Sophomore, CIS and German

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