Feb 222004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Kyle Endres

Christopher J. Ortiz

In today’s front-page story, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden

is quoted saying Fort Collins and Larimer County have an active

prostitution problem.

“There are escort services, and make no mistake about it, those

are all prostitutes,” he says. But when asked by The Collegian

about the issue, Fort Collins Mayor Ray Martinez said he hasn’t

heard any reports to indicate there is a problem. Rita Davis, press

information officer for Fort Collins Police Services also says

there is not a problem inside Fort Collins city limits.

Here is an example of bad communication between government

agencies. We have one saying there is a problem and another saying

there isn’t.

To better effectively fight the problem, our city agencies need

to work on the same level. If the sheriff’s department feels

something is a problem, our city hall and our mayor should also be

made aware of it.

Although many view prostitution as a victimless crime, a crime

is a crime and needs to be pursued as such, but this can only occur

when our local leaders are all on the same page and working

together and not receiving news from a reporter about problems.

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