Feb 192004
Authors: Josh Pilkington

To pass the time, some notes that rhyme…

A-Rod is a Yankee so goes the decree

New England faces depression, but in the Bronx fans dance with

glee. …

Can the Bombers be beaten? Throughout the nation the question


A solution won’t be rendered, ’til October comes round…

Eight all-stars make up the lineup, result of the Boss’ spending


But who is playing second? They’d even win with me…

Greg Maddux, meanwhile, has rejoined the Cubs

But unless he brings an exorcist, Northsiders will get no World

Series love…

The Patriots won the Super Bowl, less than a month ago

But to look at New Englanders, who would know

For in the Northeast it’s baseball the sport that reigns


And only a World Series can fulfill the Northeasterner’s


Four losses in a row, a pretty picture do not paint

But with our Big Nelly back our hopes are more than faint

For Denver’s Pepsi Center is our conference tournament home

And with help from a 12th man, the Rams can opponents


Most may not have noticed, but our attention it does not


CSU athletics has a killer freshman class…

A record holder in track and field, a ‘Big Hurt’ on the softball


The D-Boat on the ball court, appears to be a steal…

We can’t name them all, there are oh so many

But suffice it to say, we have freshmen aplenty…

The Dominicans, once again, dominated Caribbean Series play

George Steinbrenner wants to buy the team to bolster his Durham

Bulls of Triple-A…

Time was the Avalanche dominated Denver’s spring hype

But a ‘Melo shift has taken us to the hardwood from between the


The Golden Nuggets are grabbing wins as if spewing from a


Without a doubt this is the year they end their postseason-less


Nothing like name-dropping to whet the commoner’s palate

And a pair of Vigils is bringing down the mallet…

Lori, for one, is the MWC’s best diver

And no one in his right mind would vote her off


Austin, for his part, is a running machine

His track performances may, some day, lead him to Olympic


And speaking of Olympians, CSU has five former tracksters with a


That could very well take them all the way to Athens…

The Rockies are in sunny Tucson, while fans suffer in the cold


Helton and Co., better enjoy it, this won’t be a sunny


Meanwhile in Florida, a CSU baseball star pursues the Big League


As a member of the Marlins in beautiful Palm Springs

And here’s hoping Nate Nowicki, our Marlin draft pick

Can give our athletic department a little extra kick

To implement baseball as part of our spring sports regime

Double-headers on sunny April Saturday’s, now that would be a


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