Feb 192004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Colleen Buhrer

Patrick Crossland

Willow Welter

Christopher J. Ortiz

J.J. Babb

Today’s font-page package talks about All-University Core

Curriculum. You know, those required classes – beloved speech,

natural sciences and everyone’s favorite, freshman composition. But

no matter how much you might think these classes are a waste a

time, they might help you more than you know or are willing to


Without the university requiring AUCC classes, CSU would simply

become a trade school. Students come here to get well-rounded

education – as clich� as that sounds, it’s true. CSU, and

any respectable institution of higher education, has a

responsibility to its students to provide core classes promoting

the learning of all disciplines. The principle behind AUCC classes

is to better prepare you for life after college, not just a


Though we can all argue about details, the idea of AUCC classes

is a good thing. Not everyone knows what they are going to major in

during their freshman year. AUCC classes can supplement a student’s

major or interest.

Though you may say you didn’t learn anything in CO150 or that

you thought speech was a waste of time, we bet if you go back, you

might find something, if only one thing, that was worthwhile.

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