Rides to the slopes

Feb 192004
Authors: Brooke Harless

Many people endure a 300-mile pilgrimage from Fort Collins to

Summit County each weekend just to have a day of skiing and

snowboarding at the many resorts found in the Colorado high


Winter sports attract people from all over the nation, which

creates heavy traffic along I-70. To avoid the stress of driving,

as well as expensive fuel and vehicle costs, many winter sports

enthusiasts opt to take shuttle services up the mountain.

CSU graduate Lucas Mouttet started one such shuttle service.

Summit Shuttle, which runs from Fort Collins to Summit County

Saturdays, Sundays and by appointment on weekdays, began when

Mouttet noticed a need for alternative transportation to Summit


“So many people drive separately to the slopes,” Mouttet said.

“I was stuck in traffic one day looking at all the other people

stuck in traffic wondering why we weren’t all at least stuck in the

same vehicle for conversation and what not. Taking multiple

vehicles up the mountain is not only environmentally and

economically unwise, but also stressful.”

The Summit Shuttle began in November and costs $20 for students,

$25 for non-students and $10 for children age 12 and younger.

Summit Shuttle picks up patrons from three locations: at CSU on the

corner of Meridian and Pitkin streets, Foothills Fashion Mall and

the Loveland Park and Ride.

“Right now, most of my clientele are CSU students, the mid-20s

crowd that have just graduated and high school girls,” Mouttet

said. “Many sleep on the way up or we all chat. I play music and

take requests. We play anything from Jack Johnson to Black Sabbath.

Basically people get in and relax for a few hours before hitting

the slopes.”

The shuttle, which is a van that seats 14 people, leaves CSU at

6:45 a.m. and departs from Summit County between 3:30 and 4


“I used to always have to drive up by myself until I wrecked my

car on 1-70 during a snowstorm,” said Eric Bryant, an accounting

graduate student. “I’m car-less now, but taking the shuttle still

enables me to go snowboarding on the weekends. Plus there’s always

cute high school girls on the bus.”

The CSU Snowriders club also carpools up to various resorts and

it caters to non-members who need rides as well. The club’s Web

site features a message board that allows skiers and snowboarders

to relay when they’d like to go, and members of the club will

respond with times and availability.

“There are always tons of us going up each weekend and the

message board helps us fill up our cars and take as many people to

the mountain as possible,” Bryant said. “People that catch rides

with us just need to pitch in for gas.”



Summit Shuttle: 988-6149 www.summitshuttle.com

Snowriders: www.csusnowriders.com

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