Everyone’s doing it

Feb 192004
Authors: Marika Eve

Josie Rodberg has done it. In fact, she’s done it numerous

times. She does it every time the opportunity arises; and it’s her

goal to get most of the 35,000 18-24-year-olds in Larimer County

doing it too. But what would you expect of the chief organizer for

CSU’s New Voter’s Project?

She has good reason to be concerned. Only 20 percent of 18- to

24-year-olds in Colorado voted in last year’s election. 70 percent

of senior citizens took the opportunity. With the possibilities of

tuition tripling as early as next fall, we’ve got no excuse not to

have our voices heard. In may be in the hands of voter’s next

November to decide the fate of Colorado’s public universities.

Every student on this campus has a vested interest in this


We were always told as kids that we are the future. Well, the

future is now, my friends.

That’s why Rodberg is taking a stand.

“I got really tired of hearing from older people that our

generation is apathetic and self-centered and doesn’t care about

the world around us. This is something that I am really committed

to-making it clear that our generation is actively interested in

the future,” said Rodberg gripping voter registration forms.

For the past several weeks, the New Voters Project has asked

just about every student walking across the plaza if they are

registered to vote.

And -it might seem personal but- the NVP volunteers also inquire

about voter virginity.

That’s right. NVP is teaming up with a campaign called

VoterVirgin. The goal of this coalition is not only to get youth

voting, but to attract people who have never voted before to the


The campaign proclaims “Everybody’s doin’ it in ’04.” I have

bittersweet feelings about the catchy-yet-obnoxious campaign. Do we

really have to resort to sexualizing the polls for youth to care

about what happens in our world? I should hope not.

And yet, I understand the tactic. It works. It got you to

continue to read this column. Remember when Rockin’ the Vote was

risqu� when it started in’90? What about “if this voting

booth’s a rockin’- don’t come a knockin'” in ’08?

The truth is this campaign may just work because we are too

shallow and fad-driven to vote for any substantial reasons. Don’t

believe me? Prove me wrong. Vote in ’04 because you want to have

your individual voice heard not “because everybody’s doin’ it.”

Marika is the news director for KCSU. Her column runs every

other Friday.

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