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Feb 182004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

Great names, literally, are blowing through the Front Range this

week and some of them will leave quite a wake in their path.

Tonight the Starlight hosts Holy Moses and The High Rollers.

Moses probably did kick it with some high rollers when he was on

top. According to their Web site this group “revives elements of

jazz, rock, reggae, blues, folk, funk and Latin.”

That sounds like quite a bit of revival. It is no wonder Moses

is the man for the job.

And in case you missed their show last night at the Aggie,

Leftover Salmon will also be playing tonight at the Boulder

Theater. They also have gigs tomorrow and Saturday night at the

Gothic Theatre in Denver. There really is no more reason to sing

the praises of this band. If you haven’t heard of them by now you

probably wouldn’t like them.

Saturday night Lucky Joe’s is hosting Dave Kimball. Kimball has

been a local act for several years and is a native Coloradoan.

“Dave’s success lies in his ability to engage the audience,”

said an article in Scene Magazine. According to the magazine he has

“the most unique performer-to-audience rapport.”

“Performer-to-audience rapport?” Say no more.

It would seem that Tuesday night at the Gothic Theatre in Denver

is the freaky-deaky band-name night. Cannibal Corpse is playing

with Hypocrisy, Exhumed and Vile. Song names such as “Severed Head

Stoning,” “Cyanide Assassin,” “Hatchet to the Head” and a personal

favorite, “Devoured by Vermin” make it sound like these guys like

to kick little dogs. If you can’t find the Gothic on Tuesday night

just look for the huge menacing cloud sitting above a building like

in Ghostbusters (I not II).

Although not too many big names are in town this week, don’t be

fooled into thinking there isn’t quality music being played. Local

hotspots like the Aggie and Starlight here in Fort Collins as well

as other venues in Boulder and Denver consistently have excellent

music night in and night out. There is always local talent

performing and performing well.

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