To the Editor:

Feb 182004

This letter is in response to Brent Ables’ Feb 17 article,

“Stripping degrades women.” Although I am sure that Mr. Ables’ has

a plethora of knowledge in his freshman head to thoroughly discuss

this matter, I would like to clear up some of his logic. Every

argument made rests on one presupposition; that this is a one way

street. That is that men are not seen as sexual objects by women.

At best this is a very na�ve way of thinking. Remember that

there are male strip clubs, too, and I would submit that what

happens at those clubs is at least at the same level of groping and

sexual “misconduct” as at the female clubs.

This thought process also denies a very central truth of humans;

we are sexual beings. To say that we, as men, should not think

about women sexually (as well as women thinking about men that

way), is ridiculous. In addition, I think it is inherently unfair

and mischaracterizing to make any connection between supposedly

degrading women by looking at them at a strip club and condoning

violence against them.

This simply is a mean spirited way to try and prove your point

to imbeciles who cannot wade through your illogical rhetoric. It

seems that this freshman philosophy major has the same ability to

“scientifically conclude” his premises as his historical

predecessors did; poorly.

J.B. Gaynor

Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology, master’s


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To the Editor:

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Feb 182004

In his Feb. 18 letter to the editor, Daniel Lazzari Jr. wrote

against same-sex marriages, claiming, “Marriage is a

Judeo-Christian ceremony and bond. And since Judeo-Christian

religion is blatantly anti-homosexual, it’s an insult to these

religions to have such a ceremony. Civil unions legally give

couples all of the same rights as married couples, so we are no

longer talking about the government treaty people differently.”

First of all, is there not supposedly a separation of church and

state in this nation? A Satanist heterosexual couple is legally

allowed to marry, is that an insult to the Judeo-Christian ceremony

and bond? That’s right, as far as our government should be

concerned, marriage is a legal contract. While some people practice

marriage as a religious ceremony, not everyone should be forced


Maybe Mr. Lazzari Jr. should research his topic before forming

such ignorant opinions. While it may be true that a civil union

provides the same legal rights as a marriage in Vermont, once the

couple leaves the state, they might as well not even know each

other. They are denied insurance benefits, power of attorney, even

hospital visitation rights. Still think homosexuals are treated

equally? As well as discrimination from society, should homosexuals

also suffer discrimination from their government who claims that

all men are created equal.

I wonder how a loving relationship between two human beings can

be dubbed as an “insult” to the practices of others.

Kate Dzintars

Freshman, technical journalism

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