Disney up for grabs?

Feb 182004
Authors: Danny Byers

Maybe Mickey Mouse is incredibly behind on his utility bills,

maybe he owes money to Donald and Goofy for when they lent him the

means to get Minnie the finest of French cheeses, or maybe he just

needs some green to support a nasty habit … whatever the reason,

apparently his business tactics are no more successful than a

C-student at Yale because he is in dire need of some money to save

his tail and is looking for help.

Believe it or not, the Walt Disney Company may soon sit

comfortably under a corporate umbrella even larger than their own,

as they announced that they might sell their company and are

currently accepting bids. The front-runner among the bidding is

Comcast Corporation, which has offered Disney over $50 billion

dollars, according to The New York Times.

Comcast already controls a substantial amount of the media with

many subsidiaries from a previous merger with AT&T (who had

beforehand merged with Broadband), according to the Securities and

Exchange Commission. Purchasing Disney would further add to the

Comcast empire.

Disney initially declined Comcast’s original bid, which Comcast

insists is final. Viacom has announced its disinterest in the bid

and Time Warner will not likely obtain this merger because they are

still recovering from the dismal affair with America Online,

according to The New York Times.

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