To the Editor:

Feb 172004

In response to Shannon Baldwin’s Feb. 17 Article “Separate is hardly equal,” It may be true that James Dobson’s comment was out of line but dire is a large overstatement on his part. But I think she is showing this argument to be a bit one-sided. First of all, we should all ask ourselves why homosexuals are so intent on having marriages instead of just civil unions.

Marriage is a Judeo-Christian ceremony and bond. And since Judeo-Christian religion is blatantly anti-homosexual, it’s an insult to these religions to have such a ceremony. Civil unions legally give couple’s all of the same rights as married couples, so we are no longer talking about the government treating people differently. So why do they need the recognition of “marriage”?

Also I would like to point out a couple of things about bigamy. Bigamy is not a good analogy in this situation because in the Bible, bigamy was a traditional union. Homosexual marriage was not. And another thing, “Mormons” is a derogatory term for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I am very insulted at your use of it.

Also, your so-called “Mormons” stopped the practice of bigamy before it was outlawed, not in response to it.

So next time you decide to go preaching about how homosexuals aren’t getting equal rights, ask yourself how, because where I’m sitting, they are getting plenty of equal opportunities to practice their sexual orientation without insulting the practices of others.

Daniel Lazzari Jr.

Freshman, space engineering

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