To the Editor:

Feb 162004

In response to Travis Harless’ Feb. 16 letter to the editor:

Well, excuse us for living, Mr. Harless. On behalf of all my fellow

slack-jawed, “self-degrad(ing),” “apathetic” CSU students, I’d like

to say that we’re genuinely sorry we don’t measure up to the high

standards of academic rigor expected of us by the intellectual

giants in the community of “open option seeking business” majors,

and we’ll try to do better next semester. Maybe then we’ll

understand how “recent and future budget cuts” could possibly play

a role in rising tuitions, or how it’s CSU’s greed we have to worry

about when the state budget for higher education is being eaten

alive by the cynical and irresponsible TABOR.

Eric J. Richardson

Senior, electrical and computer engineering

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To the Editor:

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Feb 162004

I am writing this letter in response to the events that happened

at the Career Fair on Thursday the 12th. I am embarrassed to be

attending the same school with a person immature enough to behave

in such a manner. Throwing a whipped cream pie in the face of a

Halliburton recruiter? While keeping your face masked? Who are you

and why are you so damned immature?

I understand people have strong political opinions, but that

behavior is unnecessary. In fact did you know that the probe into

the investigation of the wrongdoings was focused on government

officials, not Halliburton? Not only was it childish, but it was

also rude; rude to the employees at the Career Center who set this

up, rude to your peers who were in a serious environment attempting

to make connections for their future, and most of all rude to the

Halliburton recruiter.

Do you actually think that person was personally responsible for

the controversy? By the way thanks for the reputation you gave our

student body with your actions. One more thing, when you learn to

be an adult and discuss your opinions in a civil fashion, maybe you

will also learn the meaning of the word courage. I think it’s

ironic that you were trying to make such a statement, but you

didn’t even have enough courage for what you believed to show your

face! I hope you still have a few years here at CSU because you

have a lot to learn.

Kellie Keelan

Junior, speech communication

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