To the Editor:

Feb 152004

In response to Christine Moore’s Feb. 12 letter to the editor

concerning the advertising in the LSC, I’m amused this happens to

be the only ‘ridiculous’ activity she’s noticed. Not to offend,

Miss Moore, but have you walked across campus recently? Perhaps you

haven’t noticed the bright young scholars who wander our halls and

traverse our grounds. It appears as though most of these upstanding

young citizens acquire a majority of their intellectual sustenance

from MTV. From half-cocked hats to half-cocked attitudes, these

shining examples of self-degradation and apathy soil our

universities image as much as a football programs moral


Furthermore, ‘considering we are at an institute of higher

education’, have you noticed it’s getting higher and higher? No,

I’m not referring to our prominent ‘Cheeba Hut’ patrons, rather to

our ever increasing cost of tuition. True, recent and future budget

cuts have played an important factor in this ascent, but perhaps

the focus could return to our education as opposed to CSU’s

beautification. You see, if it doesn’t grow it can’t hold more

students and if it can’t hold more students it can’t make more

money. Money to reduce our tuition, supplement our astronomical

book expenses (thank you or even compensate for the

University staff’s ever increasing medical insurance premiums?

Nope, money to finance making more money! Is this an economic model

or merely a model for greed? Perhaps it’s a little of both. I can’t

really say Miss Moore, all I can do is continue to fork over

tuition and flip through the channels of the Viacom inspired

popularity contest held daily by my peers.

Travis Harless

Junior open option seeking business

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